Am I having the same low CPU/GPU utilisation with low FPS issue as many others?

GPU never breaks a sweat. CPU never goes over around 70-80% utilisation of any logical processor… But the SIM says I’m mainthread limited and I get no more than 25 FPS during cruise, and between 15-20 FPS anywhere near the ground.

It’s like the CPU isn’t even trying… If I had the mainthread processor showing 90-100% utilisation I’d accept that I need a better CPU?

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I have the same issue … but worse.
My GPU hardly goes over 8%.
Base setting is Ultra and then I turned down a few knobs and locket it at 30 FPS.
But even if I set it to Ultra it’s almost the same.
I’m getting decent FPS (for my rig I expect) so I’m not really complaining. Just curious to know why the GPU is always asleep.

Caveat: Not an Nvidia user, but it seems a lot of owners here discovered GeForce Experience was reset after a major sim update (or a driver push) and the settings were holding them back. Something to quickly check?


CPU : sounds like the usualy “limited by mainthread” topic… ( one core in full load )

GPU : if you use taskmanager only, please check this to be sure you see the correct GPU load ( please change Copy → Graphics_1 and recheck )


add example images

Top question: What is the same issue?
I think not if you asking for fps drops after the latest updates.

Which resolution do you render? Full HD?

Set everything ingame to ultra to give your GPU some spurs.

Check your windows energy saving profile - is it set to performance mode (not balanced).

As MichaMMA wrote: Be shure to monitor the right cpu in task manager.

Sorry for being fuzzy. “Same issue” = Seeing low percentage for the GPU usage in Task Manager.
I changed Copy → Graphics_1 and that made the difference :slight_smile:

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I think the title of your post is totally vague and sounds like it is trying to trick people into reading the post. It should give us an idea of what the issue is as we also have other lives and time is precious and we then have the option of skipping it if not relevant, not ‘Am I having the same issue as many others’, more like ‘My toilet is not flushing, do you have the same issue?’. I just skip over these, FYI I have not read the article as a matter of principle:-) Now I’ve wasted minutes typing this ■■■■, I could have read the article by now and possibly helped or gotten help, aaarrrggghhh!

yep… but he wrote it not within #bugs-and-issues category and thus it’s space for discussions :slight_smile:

I also assume my post will help @POckelford too and if he agree, one user more have learned bit more about the Taskmanager and all are happy :slight_smile:

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