Amazing! Skyvector addon to flight menu




can i see my MSFS aircraft on that map?

Yes, if you enlarge the map! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Skyvector the web site has no synchronisation with MSFS capabilities. Does this “tool” transform Skyvector from a EFB to a moving map ?

Unfortunately No, it’s fixed and you have to move the map until you find where the plane is.

with no flight following sounds worse than vfr map, what is the benefit to have it in the game?

Have you used skyvector before? It has a lot of details that the VFR map does not.


The advantage is that it has more pages, and that it has more approach paths

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Exactly :wink:

i know, but dont need them during flight …

If you want i find this… Is a VFR Moving Map :wink: :wink: :wink:

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So for now, nothing better than a real moving map (Skydemon, Foreflight) on an iPad :wink:

Another option for moving map.

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What about navigraph? I think they have a moving map but you need to subscribe to their services for a fee. But their software looks cool. They also have charts etc.

Thank you very much for the mention! This add-on acts as like a template when you go do the official download page, it gives developers a chance to look at how it works and what else it can do. It’s essentially a smart in-sim browser that with enough work you could set to any webpage you want.

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Since a few days a have the problem, that all my addons with customized fs base panels are shwoing only a grey window. SkyVector, LNM and even Advanced VFR Map. I cannot figure out what I have changed to couse this. Does anyone have similar problems and a solution?

I have followed DrawyuhYT and done everything as outlined. I did get Skyvector on the tool bar, but
it will not access skyvector on the map. What can I be missing?

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Skyvector doesn’t allow be loaded from inside an iFrame anymore

I tried to use the template and put a substitute for my 3-degree Glidepath.

In CustomPanel.js I used:
self.iframeElement.src = ‘https://’;

It does not work. I think “js” is javascript but I am not even sure???

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