AMD Radeon™ RX 5700XT Graphics (8 GB) good enough?

Is this graphic card good enough?
• AMD Radeon™ RX 5700XT Graphics (8 GB GDDR5 dedicated)

I am running a 5700XT , Gigabyte x570 Aorus Elite with Ryzen 5 3600 and 32 gigs of ram. I have a 32 inch 1440 monitor. Running at microsofts recommended setting and the sim is running great for me. Latest version of Win10. Also Radeon software Version 20.8.2 I am also using a head tracker, VKB joystick and Logitech rudder pedals. Works for me . I am a crappy pilot but the game runs great for me.


thanks a lot. make me feel safe to take this graphic card.


i have same card drop5596 and it runs perfect no probs what so ever.

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I’m running a 5700xt with a ryzen 3700x 16gb of ram, the game is running smoothly in 1080p high end settings

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I have 4k monitor. just wish it runs good on it.

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5700xt is a beast of a card, so it would do well.


thanks for your experty on this.

with the 5700xt, it is better to play in 1440p like rtx 2060/2070 super.

with 4k it is rather a 2080 super / TI

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I have exactly the same specs, except for the 32gb of ram. I have 16gb’s. Would you say it’s worth to buy two extra sticks? I have no problem running the game, but it does have very slow load times on a high end m2 drive.

I have two workstations for video/photo work, both with 5700XT’s, 32GB 3200 RAM, one with 3700X and another with the 3900X and 2TB SSD PCIe modules, both run the sim fine at 3440x1440 in high settings and also in Ultra with a few things lowered to get a steady framerate

I am very happy with my 5700XT. Similar set-up to @Hairball54 but with 3700X processor. My settings now, but subject to daily tweaking :face_with_monocle: :All Ultra except for Texture Res (High), Water waves (high), Windshield (high). Terrain LOD 100, Render scaling 130 and Anti-aliasing TAA (looks much better and 10% framerate boost over FXAA). Getting 30-45 fps which suits me fine. I only play G/A though. Airliners and custom airports (I have read here) are hungrier but not my thing.

I don’t believe adding more ram would improve your load time. I find the game is just slow loading. But with 16 gig you are probably right at the edge. More ram may help in the future. When I monitor my ram usage it is at about 15 gig.

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Yeah, the only performance issues you might be concerned about are CPU getting overloaded and the usual performance bugs that we’re all getting. I have a 5700xt and the gpu settings in msfs don’t seem to hit it too hard even at high 1440p and a few settings at ultra if I really wanted.

Ah thanks. I tested this and my ram usage is around 11/16gb with normal airport Small planes. I don’t fly the big ones (yet) so might just give it a go and see how far I get.

Thanks. I think ill just wait for some Performance updates then. It looks and feels fine on ultra (some things on hard) at 1440p

AMD 5700XT is definitely good enough.
I have Ryzen 7 3800X 32GB with the 5700XT. MSFS runs flawlessly.
Adjust the Rendering Scaling to suit the desired FPS. Typically with Ultra settings and Rendering Scaling at 100 it produces 50+ fps.

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I have the same build. It runs very, very well. The only thing I am changing is my cooling: adding two Noctua 140mm fans for exhaust out the top of the case, and the NH-U12S to cool the 3600. Temps aren’t bad, but cooler silicone is better. :slight_smile:

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Pretty similar specs here:

  • RX 5700 XT Sapphire (great card)
  • AMD Rozon 3800x (oc to 4.25Ghz permanent)
  • 32 GB of RAM
  • ASUS TUF Gaming x570-Plus board

Running the game on a 1440p monitor with all set to Ultra - no issues, no stutter! It is awesome!
OC comes from my experience with xPlane where CPU affected game performance a lot - think you won’t need it for MSFS 2020 :wink: But I stay with it, it is stable.

yep its beast