AMD Releases Driver 21.11.3 - Says It Supports MSFS - GOTY

It’s all in the title. :grinning:


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Hopefully it at least mirrors or exceeds the competitors new driver advances.

Competition in all things in the end is good for all of us.

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Thank you Hester40MT.

Thanks for the notice. I installed it (5700 XT) and only have 1 flight with it but here is what I saw:

1 - more utilization of CPU and less of GPU.

2 - my GPU temperatures have dropped.

3 - FPS was down slightly but I was flying LA area with heavy live traffic

At first glance seems like an improvement.

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Let’s hope that GOTY and AMD 21.11.3 will finally fix this bug …

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yes … GOTY + AMD 21.11.3 + DX12beta … did finally fix the texture bug.


I am a happy goose.

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Are you able to run DX12? I get a lot of stutter.

I also noticed some stutter … but I have seen some stutter with DX11 in GOTY to (on my machine)

I need to play with some settings to see if there is something special that triggers it. (lie that Live Traffic or whatever)

… and I guess I do prefer “correct” ground textures with some stutter … over the crazy texture chaos,

I did set my GPU to 30-FPS Vsync anyway … reduces the noise a lot, and a goose like me prefers silent sailing.

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Installed this today, with reservations. Made two flights in the PMDG DC-6; both smooth as silk without stutters, glitches, hangs, stalls, or artifacts.

This (long) weekend I’ll spend some additional time on longer flights in more populated airspace like the KLAX Class B or the San Francisco Class B. Both have been - historically - problematic. But, so far so good here on California’s Central Coast.

An off-topic aside: I like the “haze” or “marine layer” effect that SU7 has introduced. At least here in my neck of the woods it looks very good, and far more like the visibility we get around here in real life.

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Back to 20.10.1 - one of these days I’m sure AMD will issue a driver more stable, but each release over the past year has caused crashes at a greater frequency than 20.10.1

I had high hopes for this one…

What operating system are you running, Win 10?
I installed Win 11 months ago and have run every new driver since without a timeout or ctd.


Yes… still on Win 10.

Perhaps that’s the ticket: bite the bullet and move to Win 11.

In my experience it was the only thing that worked for me.
Keep us posted and good luck!

Got everything switched over to Win 11.

The “GOTY” driver (21.11.3) crashed the system in five minutes flat.

Pulled back to 21.10.2, the WHQL approved driver. So far so good with, flying the DC-6…

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Try the Win 11 driver it installs for you. Do you also have a RT5700XT card?

Edit: Sorry, I misread your post and was thinking your driver was a year old. Did 21.10.2 work on your Win 10 install?

Nope… but so far so good on Win 11. Just loading up to take a flight in the DC-6… we’ll see if my luck continues! :slight_smile:

Sounds like you made some significant headway!!!
Great news!!!

Gonna try moving to Win11 and the new drivers. I’m kicking myself for buying this 6900XT. I should have stuck with Nvidia. Never had an issue.

EDIT: looks like I have the latest drivers. Not sure about Win11. Not sure if I could still image my entire hard drive and restore it after major upgrades. I’ll have to research that.