American Airlines Virtual Airline for Xbox simmers

Hi Aviators!
So me and some other like minded xbox simmers have set up a fully functioning
virtual airline and the airline we chose is… American Airlines. Now when you think of VAs on XBOX you might think it must be just searching up and flying random AAL flights. Nope!
We have a website, a full populated route table with routes from all 10 of AA’s hubs in the USA, a manual PIREP form, rank structure, record keeping and so on. We are entirely based on Discord.

Although not a dot com website, we have a fully functional website which shows you from live updated hours to the fleet information.

What routes can i fly? Well here is the route table. You can filter and sort whatever you like!

Now, if this all seems interesting to you and gives you the meaning or a mission to fly, come join us. We welcome, brand new, old geezers, whether you have the livery or not, have basic version or the premium deluxe. We do not discriminate!

We are in no way affiliated to American Airlines and are only a part of MSFS2020. All trademarks belong to American Airlines.


hello grayishsheet984 i tried using the link to discord but found it was invalid and i am interested in joining if you have a diffrent link?

Same here! Tried the link to no avail, I’m also interested in coming onboard :muscle:t4:

Hey mate! Have you been able to access it yet?

I tried it and couldn’t get through the link either.

Ill post a new one. American Airlines VA this should be valid.

Hey this discord invite did not work either. Do you have another one that you can send?

I would also like to join.

I would like to join too @GrayishSheet984 but the discord link is not working

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Hello, I would like to join also! When I click on the link, says safari can’t find it. This is an iPad. But I fly msfs on an XBox s

Would like to also join!! Seems like there is a lot of interest :slight_smile:

@GloomyLake935 @Kastlerok7424 You both have discord? I am down to join both of you

Sorry, no I don’t have discord. I’m on xbox

Id like to join as well. seems the discord link is invalid on the website

Why is everyone rejecting Xbox users ? They act like it’s a fkn real airline… :man_facepalming:t2:

Any active VA accept console players?
I found but they seem to be inactive, cause they don’t answer any applications.

Best regards

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I’m the CEO of frontier Virtual for xbox if you want to join send me a PM and i drop you the link! Not very active but i fly very regular in the US

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Because most VAs use third-party programs for PIREPS like they’ve been doing for years, which means not compatible with Xbox. But carry on with your petulant whining.

■■■■, i was just asking :unamused:

I am interested in joining, but the discord link is invalid. @GrayishSheet984

Hello Hightower. There is a voice chat system in MSFS. Add me to your friends list and I can help you, if you like. I’ll add you to mine.