An MSFS2020 update AND an Nvidia driver update on the same day!

I mean, it’s not even my birthday. But thanks!

In all seriousness, I haven’t scrubbed the new driver bug reports or even looked at its release notes, but those who experience CTD’s and can’t find anything wrong on the hardware side might want to update the driver.

Or, perhaps the CTDs that plague a slice of the playerbase are addressed in the MSFS update?

Don’t forget Windows updates too. Though I rarely touch Windows updates or drivers updates on the same day they are released anymore. I prefer to let others be the guinea pigs :stuck_out_tongue:

Lest we forget this debacle…

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I’d wager Nvidia didn’t touch one byte of code that would affect MSFS in any way. Look at how weak the driver release notes look after what seems like ages since the last driver they put out.

@HethrMasn would be correct, as there is no specific mention of MSFS 2020 in the release notes or summary of fixes. However, there was one that was related to the video driver timing out in google chrome on RTX-3050. How many people have chrome open when flying? Probably a lot. How might that affect MSFS if the video driver times out? Probably cause a CTD.

And yes, @trex5365 there can and have been some regressions. They aren’t as common as one might think though. Regarding that “debacle”, I had no issues with 497.09. And just because a forum creates a poll, that doesn’t really mean much when they aren’t asking for GPU model.

What I get from that poll is there are about a thousand and a half people that think a driver update caused their problem. How many of them went through a process to actually demonstrate it and raise a good bug?