An Open Letter to Microsoft

I’m sure this community would love to know how your weather works flawlessly! Spill your secrets!
As far as appealing to a wider audience, who cares? That’s spoken like a marketer. It is a simulation that has a community full of people that have been doing this for years (many years). It should be a simulation first that MAY appeal to gamers, or people that want to fly over grandmas house. I have my Private Pilot’s license and rely heavily on the simulator to practice approaches, aviate, what have you. One can literally learn to fly a plane and hone their skills with this SIMULATOR. This has the potential to be amazing, and I will stick with it.
Maybe they could get their broader market by dropping a gamers edition. They could have their own forums and ■■■■■ about why there aren’t more challenges.


I think thats going to be the xbox version of it. Maybe I’m wrong but you can’t really simulate on an xbox controller.

In your opinion, it should be a simulator first. Others do not have that same view. Wider audience means more money will be invested in it and the product will be better, with more support and more third parties getting involved to make it a better experience for everyone. I’m loving your inclusive attitude.

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CTDs can be an incredibly difficult thing for a developer to fix, because they typically don’t affect every user, and are often directly related to specific hardware and software combinations on a particular end-user’s computer.

P3DV5 has had similar problems after the new version released in May. Some users were getting constant CTDs, some never had a single CTD.

I can appreciate the OPs desire to have a DME in a specific aircraft model that doesn’t currently have one, but IMO, that kind of fix should not be a high-priority item right now. There are far more serious issues that need to be addressed that are affecting all users.


Personally I’m quite happy with the sim. It’s just fun. And yes, I’m also waiting for PMDG or some other builder to give us the real airliners (and MS fix their broken ones). I’m sure that will come.

What I don’t fully understand why the really basic bugs are in there. Losing focus with your mouse, having to click on other windows to get it back? Did nobody at Asobo plug in a joystick and have the thing crash to the desktop? Surely some alpha or beta testers noticed this.

All the other stuff… complicated… but these easy ones?


Short answer is, no. Longer answer is, from what I recall some were noted but generally accepted as an alpha/beta issue but of course nothing like we are seeing now - which is as you’d expect given the wider usage.

I had my first CTD last night since February and it was because I plugged my USB joystick in whilst loading which is a known issue.

There are known issues relating to crashes: - Known Issues - (Last modified: 8/24/2020)

All we can do is report the issues on Zendesk with as much info as possible for the devs to piece together the issue and produce a fix.


I had it yesterday during flight… freeze and crash when I plugged in the joystick… it’s not just the loading screen. I’m okay with working around these issues - I knew it was a risk and that I should have plugged it in sooner - but I hoped for the best :slight_smile:

I guess my point is that these really basic bugs don’t deliver a lot of confidence in the whole process. After a year or so of development, you’d think they would have caught at least this basic stuff.

But in the end, for me, it’s not really about the bugs itself, but about the process of fixing them. So let’s wait and see what happens next.

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Whats wrong with TV and gamepad. I flying with gamepad for 2yrs right now, It is fine without need to put yoke, quadrant and rudder pedals to my desk and after 30 minutes flight clean up those back. My gamepad is on my desk or in drawer below my desk, just small move with my arm and I have it ready to fly.

This was in the Known Issues, so I guess they know about it.


  • Crashes can occur when unplugging or plugging in two or more peripherals at once during any loading screen.

Ya know what, I was looking at the menu yesterday and took a good loong look and realized that actually yes those bigly panels in the menu is annoying.

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Yep. I read that one too. But with me it’s just ‘one’ peripheral. And I also read the weird workaround somewhere: unplug them all. :slight_smile:

Besides, in all my years with computers, I cannot for the life of me remember an occasion where I plugged in two peripherals (or more??) at once? And even if you tried, wouldn’t one of the two win? But now I’m nitpicking…

I guess they at least know there’s some issues with it.

Its not like MSFS did not have an Alpha test for months, and a Beta test for 2-3 weeks. And it’s not like the MSFS series just started, it has been around much longer than Windows!

Excuses and more time for BASICS? :no_entry_sign:


Depends on the aircraft. In the “cheap” ones, that regular people fly, glass is mostly an addon you pay extra for.

I get a similar impression. A lot of credit to the OP has been given here for simply positioning their post as an open letter, then stating a lot of the same observations everyone else is making while missing on several critical ones.

What’s wrong with it, nothing if you like doing it that way but its quite a large step away from simulating flight controls.

Exactly, I see some negative feedback for cameras, but I do not understand why. In my opinion camera system is powerfull, you have presets which you can manually set to any position and recall that position anytime, exactly same as X-Plane for example, FS have even some extra options for cameras like field of depth, focus…

In old FSX or P3D you have to set camera positions manually in cfg files or use, most probably, paid 3rd addon. Here it works very well out of box


It’s true the only thing missing is easy movement of the drone without requiring a controller, and a screenshot button perhaps.

They could not have possibly put more work into the cameras and views or made them more accessible. I’ve never seen it done this well in any sim or game.

… and yet here people are somehow complaining.


Just to say I wholeheartedly agree with you. The bit about the testers giving their all and not even seeing the many, and repeated reported bugs sorted on release is spot on.
I, like you, am in this till the end and I really hope it succeeds but they really need to address all the issues and start communicating else I fear it will be a big flop.


Kind of agree but one thing wouldn’t block the other. The basis for a proper simulator are there. Since the systems and AP be fixed the sim will leap.

Its not the system its attached peripherals usind Simconnect. 70fps still gives a slideshow.