And here we go again, Aircraft performance / Dynamics issues

I have to say the update itself got an improved performance for me, as well as very nice looking sim.
However… Seems like many planes got performance issues mixed up again.

I think the community should step up and create a group of volunteers that actually fly the planes in real life that can test the airplane performance and characteristics in different phases of flight -

  1. Taxi behavior, turning radius, differential braking etc…
  2. Acceleration and climb performance, mixture behavior
  3. Cruise phase, Cruise speed, fuel consumption, distance.
  4. Descent and gliding performance.

There is so many new issues and previous that popped up with the update that I don’t know when it will finally find a middle ground.

I don’t know who ASOBO use for testing this planes but some of them fly horrible and unrealistic. Pitch, Lift, Drag all got issues with almost every plane you touch.

So if we can concentrate the individual issues of each plane, and make sure ASOBO make em fly like they should I think it will make the sim better.


I think we should NOT rely on ASOBO to get default airplanes to fly right. Rather we need to rely on 3rd party programmers for that. Just as with FSX and every other MS flight sim, the 3rd party developers are best at fixing default flight models and creating new ones for new aircrafts.
It just isn’t MS’s strength to do that. What we need to insist on is that ASOBO improve the SDK and that they improve connections to the 3rd party developers to ensure that the necessary flight modeling CAN be done.
Here we have a beautifully modeled planet and environment for flight sim. Let ASOBO work on getting that to render as best as can be. Let ASOBO work on all of the scenery and atmospherics.
But let’s have real flight dynamics experts program the aircraft. Why don’t we insist on THAT instead?

Well it’s obvious that they don’t test each Asobo aircraft in basic circuits and bumps before releasing a patch, to see if any flight characteristics have been impacted, because if they had they would have picked up the glaring deficiencies in planes like the Cessna Caravan after the UK update.

I mean, this is a flight simulator and that is the very least one would expect they check for each update.

It speaks volumes about the slapdash quality control at Asobo studios.

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this is why I think they need to separate it…they need to stop doing flight sim and focus on the Earth sim.
Just make sure that flight model programming can function - be more facilitators and not so much practitioners

I think we should create a list of simmers who are prepared to volunteer as beta testers prior to each update to help Asobo find any bugs and glitches prior to release. In fact we should insist on beta testing. Even if that means a delay, or a release but with known issues being published.

The current update inadequacies are frankly unacceptable.


that would be a step toward the right solution for sure… another would be to get ASOBO to agree to do that…

and those ‘simmers’ must have real world flight experience from the front of some airplanes

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I had a huge Mercury Marquis 2 door Brougham with a black landau roof - the car was midnight metallic blue…it was essentially a Marauder in fancy clothes. It had the 460ci motor that folks are killing each other for today. 1973 was a very good year for sledding.

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LOL. I was driving a red Triumph TR-4 sports car in 1973. Wish I still had it.

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I play keyboard. Throttle (w) goes up somewhat slower, some airplanes feel heavier or go overstress earlier on descent. Signs flicker more. What’s all the fuzz about, one might ask… landing lights ? I don’t worry as long as the Community is living and producing great things. I’ll adjust… when they change back I’d adjust… I wanna fly and that still works. I’m not a pilot, so I don’t know if more gliding effect is bad… Thicker air makes gliding easier and descent more difficult, so they made the airplanes feel a little heavier, I don’t care, my favorites are taildraggers and there were a lot of types that could use some extra weight. I flew Savage Cub to LF79 this afternoon, it felt steady, throttle seems to have more range (keep w longer). Carenado got worse (it was already heavy) but the Zlin’s are shining now… pipistrel… any type that has some thorttle is easier to handle. Kitfox STI felt like a fly before the update, now it can fly straight.

Dunno about airliners, landing procedures etc… when you want something reproducable… no chance, this game is in development constantly, with AI-learning… Things change and will keep changing.

How do we even get to this point? It is very sad.

Imagine Nvidia release the 3080 founders edition, but it just basic and lacks features and has issues, and it is expected that the add-in board partners need to make it right.

Sorry, but ■■■■ aint like that.

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well Nvidia creates the card as a stable rendering engine for game developers to then utilize to make their games beautiful. Nvidia doesn’t make the games - they make video cards.
ASOBO didn’t make a FLIGHT sim - they made an EARTH sim. They should let aviation experts make the airplanes for it. AS with video cards and game graphics - it is two different disciplines.
You wouldn’t ask a software engineer to fly your family to Hawaii for vacation any more than you would ask a pilot to write software for your robotic heart surgery.

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