(Announcement) A350 for FS2020!

Haha! Looking forward to showing you and everyone else more updates for this beauty

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How are you developing a study level aircraft when the SDK is incomplete? This is blasphemy!


They’re not PMDG, lol. FBW is still well on the way to study level without a proper SDK.

are u kidding me? Nah this aint true Im dreaming

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+1, looking forward to this.

Added to the list of exciting ongoing aircraft projects, alongside the FBW A320, and the A220, CRJ700, Twin Otter, and PMDGs 737!


For such a complicated system like the a350, i highly recommended you merge projects together and have as much people working together as possible.

Competition, in the sense we know, is not valid when the product is free. In this case, its likely worse for the consumer.

Edit: I got confused with the other project and thought this was freeware as well, disregard then! Excited!

Wait is this aircraft going to be released for free?

nope, that is payware

This is awesome and I wish you all the best in your endeavor to provide an awesome Airbus for MSFS.

I would like to know more about you though, your team, and your vision for the long run. I would assume since you have support from Airbus that you’re pretty serious and committed.


Devs just answered someone over Discord:

Both airbus and airlines operating the A350, have provided the necessary documentation to develop an aircraft. They are also actively helping us improve what we currently have to make sure the community gets the best representation of the A350!

And yeah, I’m glad they are not PMDG, we need new blood… Time will tell!


How much are you estimating the price?

At the current moment, we have not fully decided on an estimated price

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This is much needed for this sim !


Great news for the virtual jetliner pilots out there.


Just take my money, I’ve been wanting some study level long haul Airbus heavies for a long time…


great !!!
waiting for it and wish you make a very nice job there

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Oh I thought you were these guys:



Freeware or Payware that is good, better or even study level sounds wonderful, HOWEVER,
I wish all the folks that promote their Businesses, Ads, Freeware, Payware, Commercial Ware and etc had a Different Forums Folder outside of our General Discussions & Feedback forums folder to promote their products.
Our General Discussions area of the MSFS forum is inundated with all these businesses pushing for our attention. They need their own folder outside of our MSFS General Discussions forum area to push their products and we need an area clean of outside developers influence so that our discussions are not diluted with commercial interests and we can concentrate on the core MSFS product.


This is amazing news, is there an approximate ETA? Is it intended to be released in 2021?

wow, this is fantastic news. THANK YOU!