[Announcement] AzurPoly OV-10 Bronco in development

Very little information given so far but it is exciting nonetheless so I thought I should share.


Music to my ears


Awesome. Thank you!

Awesome! I really need a proper Bronco in my life, and Azurpoly has done nice work so far.

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Another one from my wish list :grin:


Good news. :grinning:

Very excited to see this one coming, I was always intrigued by it as a kid.

Way back when Aerosoft were half decent. I used to love this one so can’t wait for this too -

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Very excited for this!

I’m ready to fly circles over the forests here in California.


Will it be available for xbox?

I am just a player myself and have no affiliation with AzurPoly. Right now we have no info other than their FB post.

Hopefully it will be available on Xbox though, it is not a highly complicated aircraft in real life. We shall see.

Are any other AzurPoly aircraft on Xbox?

All other aircraft have been released on Xbox.
So the Bronco will be too.

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Yet another aircraft that I’ve been thinking would be great to have in the sim because I remember the Airfix kit! And great to hear that this will come from Azurpoly, as I adore the Transall they made.

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I hope we won’t have to wait a month for it to be available on a store other than the marketstore.

They released the Transall right to the MP and the updates for it have come through quite quickly I have to say. It is a module that I have been happy to have bought through the MP and I am hoping that the Bronco will be the same way. AzurPoly have impressed me with their work as the Transall is a very enjoyable aircraft to fly and the feel of it is amazing.

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We have to wait around one month for the availability of the Transall on Orbx store. it was pretty much the same for the Fouga and the Epsilon.

I hope the release date will be the same for all the stores.

This is one of the aircraft that I really want to own in MSFS and I know I’m going to buy it. However, I also know that I won’t enjoy it - if I buy it upon “release”. I own all four of Azurepoly’s aircraft addons for MSFS. I don’t fly any of them very often.

  • Default 2D cockpit view is always so far back, one can’t read the instruments very well and the view seems distorted (could be 3440x1440), but almost all other addons aren’t made this way.
  • I don’t look forward to waiting for their first update. Their initial release is typically a “beta” release in which people essentially pay them to test the product for defects rather than the developer testing the addon prior to an actual release.
  • I’ve had to uninstall the C-160 because if I’m in multiplayer in other than a C160, the audio from the other player in the C160 is the only thing I hear - just like the Carenado issue a year ago. It has become the current trolling addon of choice for disruptive gamers.

I’m certain that it will have a nice exterior, cockpit digital model, and textures. It’s audio will be pretty good I also imagine. I just hope people can fly it in multiplayer without it taking over everyones audio that bought it. I can wait on this addon until it’s first few updates are released (after people have paid Azurepoly to beta test their product that will undoubtedly be marketed as an initial release).

Does anyone kniow if this release is still on track? I know a that a decent freeware Bronco released but having one of a better quality would be great.