[ANNOUNCEMENT] FlightSim Studio Embraer 175


The pinned comment is by AviationLads and says
“Stay tuned for the interior and the systems in a separate movie very soon :blush: they will blast you away! :tada:

I also can’t find the article, but I saw that this was a partnership with the X-Plane developer “X-CRAFTS”. So, it seems to be that we might actually be getting a proper E-Jet series here!


The detail and finish on the aircraft in that video was really impressive. Good looking plane that.

Reckon the walking passengers are a separate addon or part of the optional effects when parked?

On Xbox so not particularly aware of all the available addons in the PC world of msfs

Betting this will turn out a ton better than the VirtualCol E175 (which I do enjoy flying BTW).


I’d comfortably bet my house on that :laughing:

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Hope so. The VirtualCol E175 is an absolute pos. (imo of course)

Xcraft E175 for xp11 was just ok. Nothing I’d consider top level by any means. I think they made the E145 family but I never got it so not sure how it compared to their E175. The E145 looked a lot better from pictures and YouTube, and if so, I hope this MFS version of the E175 is more in line with that than their xp11 E175

AFAIK X-Crafts are in the process of remaking the entire E-Jets family, including better visuals and deeper systems. So, if E175 for MSFS is based on this in-development version, and not the original, v 2.5, then we might be in luck. In any case, I don’t believe that it will be true study level (with failures, working CBs, etc).

If it has the same depth as the CRJ, i’m a happy camper. Can’t wait to have more regional airliners in the sim. Another favorite would be the Dash 8.


I hope it goes beyond the CRJ, the CRJ has a lot of half baked features and switches that don’t do anything. If the EJET can track the ‘magenta’ line in turns and direct-to without going off course or swerving for miles to find the nav line or creating a phantom waypoint 5 miles off course with a right angle turn back to the course than its already a better addon than the CRJ. Hopefully Aerosoft has zero input on this one other than being the publisher.


It needs to surpass the CRJ. Unfortunately, the CRJ is still waiting on those features that “we can’t add until Asobo makes it possible”. Features such as traffic, terrain, weather, Navigraph & SimBrief integration. While all of these features are available now and included in several planes, there’s no indication that they’re being worked on for the CRJ. I hope the Embraer gets it right.


Crj has terrain on ND now. Weather is not implemented in any plane rn other than a very simple 2d map of clouds that has basically zero value other than having something pretty on the cockpit screen.

The X-Crafts Embraer in Xplane was terrible. If this is anything like that, then I will not purchase.

From what I’m seeing, this is based off of their new, yet to be released E-Jet family.

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We’ll see. Their history leaves much to be desired.


Looks quiet good to me. I don’t want to jump on the hype train yet. But I’m excited nonetheless.

Aviation Lads have promised to release a third video preview next week - about E175 systems this time. Hopefully, system depth and fidelity is going to be a bit better than the CRJ’s.

@Flyboy315622 Will it be available on Xbox via MSFS Marketplace?

With WASM support on the Xbox it should be possible.


Looks good, I hope I don’t need a mod to run my Logitech autopilot on it, I really hope you guys do a Emb 195 so I can run some Breeze flights in the future