[ANNOUNCEMENT] FlightSim Studio Embraer 175

New video with more details on the systems.


Small correction; the simple 2D map shows precipitation, not clouds.

And another update.


Unfortunately, I see the default MSFS navigation display (airport map is shown).

Yeah that’s a little concerning…
Plus no vertical profile on the MFD either.
I need a reason to buy XP12 so I’ll stick with the upcoming X-Crafts one when it comes out next year.

Stick with XP11. It’s coming there too

Hi all,

Someone know if this plane use default MSFS flight plan ?

When is the release date for this plane?

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Unkown at this time.

It might just be me, but I don’t get the developer mentality of hyping up your aircraft like FlightSim Studio did here through AviationLads with a four-part series that releases at the same time every Friday for four weeks straight, to then have it go silent with no new news about the release date, price, features, etc. Especially considering the fact that they started releasing videos about this aircraft a few weeks before the holidays. It just boggles my mind.

Now watch, it’ll release tomorrow and I’ll look like an idiot…


im with you on this. the announcement came very quickly and the hype around the project with it. i think the anticipation of the e175 is a little too big for what they deliver right now after the initial announcement and videos

This. Developers have become way to liberal with the term “Soon”. I hope i’m mistaken, but i’m expecting an early Q2 release.

Grt M

BIG news:
Release of Early Access 10th of Jan.

roadmap vote"able": https://www.flightsim-studio.com/ejets-roadmap/
manual online: E-Jet Series


Livestream with Q&A.

Could anyone provide the discord link for Flightsim Studio?

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From what I can see, it’s a big disappointment. I wouldn’t even call it a beta. Looks more like an alpha.

Sounds are awful and the aircraft uses basic systems like default navigation system, so it won’t have VNAV, TOD and other more advanced functions. It doesn’t even come with red tape on the airspeed indicator. So much hype for very little delivery.

Spending 34 dollars on an addon in this state to have practically the same experience as flying default aircraft is a no no for me.


On the other hand, if you want to fly short regional routes, you don’t have much of a choice. At least not yet.

Yeah, having no VNAV or TOD sucks for me-but will give this E175 a go anyway ovet Virtualcol’s one (which I enjoy actually).

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Saw the video and was really disappointed. I will take a pass on this and put my hopes on the ATR.