[ANNOUNCEMENT] FlyingIron F6F-5 Hellcat

I’m in as soon as it hits Xbox !


Day 1 purchase for me too, itching to get his one in my warbird hanger. Really looking forward to the axis fighters they have in the works too, despite them being quite a way off by the looks of things.


Thanks for the update! Looks amazing. Day 1 purchase for me too. It’s FI so we know it’s gonna be good.

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Any update on release?

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I’m guessing not.

Just wondering if the dev might chime in here to give us an update?

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Not until they finish test-flying a captured A6M for comparative analysis…

I would be cool with that if they do the Zero as well!

I’ll buy anything them boys care to build for MSFS

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It’s not too far away now! We will be entering alpha testing very soon.

We will try to post an update sometime soon in the main thread.



Thanks so much!

I wonder if you could make some sort of “bush Trip” which you would travel to various airports and conduct airshows at them?

Ahhhh the joy of doing hammerheads over a group of spectators. :slight_smile: :exploding_head: :nauseated_face: :blush: :upside_down_face: :flight_departure: :airplane: :flight_arrival:

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Just another thought, would it be possible to select a modern military pilot to simulate a current warbird?

The base game has added modern miltary pilots (they’re at the end of the selection list) so you could choose them and opt to place the ‘default pilot’ into the warbird.

Why not look online to see what actual airshows are happening on any given weekend and fly there? Or look at the itinerary for any group to see where they are traveling.

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Holy Smokes what a babe…drooling… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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When the Hellcat entered the war, it was one of the best carrier fighters it even thwarted the A6M Zero

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I would equally love to see flyingiron make a A6M Zero as well


@GotGravel Any update on a release date?

Can’t give you a release date just yet, but we are in the alpha phase right now and it shouldn’t be too long until we enter beta. :slight_smile: