Unleash the Legend: F-111E Aardvark Soars into MSFS2020 Skies!

Get ready, aviation enthusiasts and MSFS2020 daredevils! This week marks the highly anticipated release of our latest masterpiece – the ultra-detailed model of the iconic F-111E Aardvark. Immerse yourself in the unparalleled realism of this add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, meticulously crafted for the ultimate aviation experience.

Attention to detail isn’t just a preference; it’s a way of life. Our F-111E Aardvark add-on is tailored for the true connoisseurs of American aviation. Take to the virtual skies in an aircraft that’s as American as apple pie.


Wow, looks awesome guys!

very nice!

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Wow that’s a surprise! Looking forward to it, but I must ask if you plan on providing any additional updates / patches to your wonderful MiG-21 Fishbed?

Your communication associated with that aircraft has been incredibly sparse, and I believe you previously stated that both additional liveries as well as other general updates (including sounds) would come.


Yes, the next MiG-21Bis update is scheduled for January 2024. Includes -new Sound -new VFX -new HUD display -logic of engine and new liveries


Some more fresh screenshots


Where is it coming out and what is the pricing?


Wow! I guess the rumors were true about you guys bringing your 111 over. This looks incredible! Do you guys at GKS have a public discord server or anything? Most devs nowadays seem to use Discord a lot with their community, so I was wondering.

will this aircraft be available to us on the darkside (xbox) ?

What about a Xbox marketplace release?

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What a lovely Christmas surprise!

Thanks - the insight is appreciated. Very much looking forward to the updated Fishbed, as well as this Aardvark!

Oh wow! This will be an awesome addition!

We release simultaneously on PS and Xbox this week


Finally! Thank you gentlemen. I love the fact that it’s got weapons now I just have to be patient and wait for it to show up on ORBX Central. You guys rock!


Will this aircraft cost the same as the Mig? Or cheaper?

Will it dump and burn?


Looks incredible! Will we see an Iraqi Airforce livery for the MiG 21 in the new update? Been dying for one since I got the MiG.

Wow just in time for my Christmas break from work! You even managed to create a red pipper, when another dev’s release from this era has a green one.

Does it have the Star tracker?