[ANNOUNCEMENT] Grand Tour Flight Planner (GTFP)

GTFP is an easy to use flight planner with many unique features.

  1. Creates flight plan in .PLN format for loading into MSFS.

  2. You can enter waypoints in a variety of ways:
    a. Street address
    b. Geographical feature (e.g. “Matterhorn”)
    c. Landmark (e.g. “Eiffel Tower”)
    d. Many other ways.

  3. You can insert airports in a variety of ways.

  4. An Optimizer can order waypoints to make the shortest route.

  5. Detailed, zoomable VFR map (via Bing) shows route, airplane position, roads, political boundaries, or satellite view.

  6. Tracking window (follows plane in real time) for overlay on MSFS window.

    a. Shows distance to waypt, heading of plane, bearing of waypt. Allows easy navigation for planes w/o GPS
    b. Specify any waypt in the route as the next one to fly toward.
    c. Reduce VFR map to overlay it on MSFS window.

    d. Slew (move plane) from current position to half-way to any waypt in the route. This makes long legs less tedious.

  7. Over 500 interesting routes built-in, including one that visits all countries.

Download here
User’s Guide contains my email address for bug reporting and support.