[ANNOUNCEMENT] Heatblur and IndiaFoxtEcho announce F-14A and B for MSFS 2020

They mainly get training. No use of military aircraft in MSFS IMO.

You’re totally entitled to your opinion of course, but if you’re not interested then why participate in this thread?

Of course military aircraft have a place in MSFS20. They are not static weapon launch platforms. They fly, and for those of us who are interested and find great meaning in them, why not let us fly them? There is so much more procedure and system depth available beyond launching weapons.

Back on topic, the F-14 is one of my all-time favorite aircraft! I have the DCD Tomcat, and will definitely be keeping an eye on this one. If it really raises the bar for visuals, realism, and fidelity then I’ll definitely consider it.


For the last time in this topic:
If you really want to operate F-14 like real you need DCS (free).
Have fun anyway :slight_smile:

95 % of flying a military aircraft is flying the aircraft. You can most definitely enjoy an awesome aircraft and marvel at its design and technical achievment without ever firing a weapon.

I’m definitely getting this one! Am I glad I held off on the other F-14 available for MSFS, because this looks like a different league altogether.


certain makes me wanted to buy on top of the DC design one! hope it don’t cost an arm

Apart from the silly debate as tl whether or not military aircraft should be in msfs, it should be applauded when a developer such as Heatblur comes over from Dcs. Especially when working with a solid developer like IFT.


There’s room for two developers making similar products. For people that don’t want a study level yet still decent and fun F14 there’s DC Designs, for people that want study level there’ll will be the Heatblur version.

Not everyone in the flight sim community wants study level planes.

I don’t understand people who get excited about flying airliners when you can’t carry passengers.

The point is the argument that you can’t enjoy fighter planes in MSFS because you can’t fire weapons makes absolutely no logical sense in any way on any level. Its a flight simulator. It simulates flying a plane, regardless of what the ultimate functionality of that plane is.


For me flying military aircraft is the enjoyment of seeing the plane and flying the plane, the same reason I enjoy collecting models of them.
This is why I would like to see ordinance under the wings.
If I wanted the combat part then there’s ace combat and project wingman - or I could buy a PC and try DCS.


I’ve said this in a few other places, but again the things that are unique to military flying are in addition to what you do in civilian flying, not instead of it. When F-14s were still around in US Navy service, your average deployment on the carrier was around 6 months or maybe a bit longer occasionally. The rest of the time, the squadrons were back at home station in NAS Oceana for a year to a year and a half in the post-deployment and pre-deployment work-up cycle. (Miramar was BRAC’ed to the Marines before my time.) I believe there were probably also a few F-14s at places like NAS Point Mugu, NAS Fallon, NAS Patuxent River, and NAWS China Lake for the VX squadrons and NSAWC.

So, for that time your squadron is at home station, you have to fly in FAA-controlled airspace INCONUS following the rules and procedures like any other aircraft. While I agree that DCS seems to do the tactical systems reasonably well, if you really want to operate a military aircraft like real, you also need to know the area around your home field, flying the departures and approaches into your local fields and places you’d use as diverts, and getting on and off the low-level routes, weapons ranges, and other special-use airspace you’ll train in regularly, including having to operate around all the airliners and GA aircraft that are sharing the airspace or at least are near you. To my understanding, in DCS there is no map for the East Coast where Oceana and Pax River are, and Fallon, Pt. Mugu, and China Lake aren’t modeled on the Nevada map.


I’m of the belief that ALL aircraft have a place in MSFS 2020. I’m a DCS’er, IL-2’er, MSF’er, and just about any other sim that has been out in the last 35 years. Hauling a Heatblur F-14A across the landscape in 2020 is gonna be great! By contrast I could say, I don’t understand why anyone would spend $80.00 on an aircraft for a simulator that has a 1990’s style terrain engine. What’s the point? It looks fake and the buildings and vegetation aren’t realistic. DCS needs a massive uplift in visuals regarding their maps. They’re okay, but they ain’t 2020 by a long shot. That argument goes both ways.

The SOI boys of DCS (see what I did there?) are about blowing stuff up. Mastering the art of the kill, etc. I get that and that’s fine. The other sims cater to that narrow azimuth of thought (see what I did there again?) for that very reason. We all have our place to play. Many of us on both sides of that fence.

For me, DCS level aircraft migrating into MSFS 2020 is a good thing for the flight sim community on many levels. It bolsters the bottom line of the developers for DCS which is a very niche market to begin with. I honestly don’t see how they’ve survived this long and is why they have to charge $80.00 per aircraft due to development time. I can guarantee you, they stand to generate much more from their offering in MSFS 2020 than in DCS. More revenue means more aircraft from these developers in both platforms which is a win for everyone in the flight simulation community. No matter the genre.


Neat, the Heatblur Tomcat is a work of art. From what I understand Heatblur are providing the assets and knowledge whilst IFE will be actually doing the MSFS development work. The old freeware Tomcat from IFE for FSX/P3D was quite a solid plane so expecting good things.

And of course military planes have a home in MSFS, all planes do and the military jets are great fun to fly even without being able to blow things up. In DCS I used to take planes up for free flights without any bad guys to get in my way quite often just to fly these amazingly detailed planes for the sake of flying. Also I can’t fly the Mach Loop in DCS :wink:


Awesome! Couldn’t bring myself to buy DC designs f 14 reviews always sounded like they were a disappointment. I’ll be getting this straight away!:grinning:

I have the high fidelity DCS one and I am very much looking forward to this one too. It was quite a challenge to fly it properly in that sim and tbh it took me some time to learn it. I hope the one for FS20 is similarly challenging :slightly_smiling_face:

To be fair to Dean too (the developer of the other F14 which I also have) his product also has a big following as you can see reading through his thread and he gives a high level of support to his customers which is commendable.

It’s great to have options :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah I think the DC version is slowly improving to the point now where it would be worth a look but I’ll probably wait now anyway :+1:

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Have Indiafoxtecho given any approximate timeframe for the release of the Heatblur F-14? Really looking forward to it. Been watching a few DCS videos of it in action. The modelling looks fantastic.

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With Dc F14 and now the recently released F-14 from Steve E and yurikairie, we will have three F-14 to choose.

Competition is great for the consumers

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