[ANNOUNCEMENT] JRF-6 Goose | Big Radials

A year after I first released the freeware OzX Goose Redux II for MSFS, Big Radials is now working on a brand new, ground up, payware Goose for MSFS.

We are modelling a Grumman JRF-6 Goose which was the final military variant and was used for navigation training as well as search and rescue with the US Coast Guard. We’re planning at least TWO bush trips, one of which is a fishing holiday trip along the coast, fjords and sounds of British Columbia and the other is taking a group of tourists down to the Dry Tortugas along the Florida Keys.

We’re really lucky to be working with the INCREDIBLE Gents at https://www.goosehangar.com/ who are the people that Goose Instructors go to for flight training! With their help we’re hoping that we can make this Goose like nothing else. The Goose is very important to us at Big Radials and we aim to make sure that this release is even better than our first two as we apply all we’ve learned from the new Sim.

All the regular stuff like WWise sounds, 4K textures, authentic flight model and particular attention is being given to the unique things in the Goose; like Vacuum powered flaps! We’re also using the new detailed FUEL SYSTEM that is part of the modern flight model in MSFS. This allows us to detail every fuel line, valve and junction, allowing us to create a unique and accurate fuel system.

N.B. All images are to be considered WIP and subject to change.

Join us on discord and chat with all the other Big Radials fans: Big Radials


That looks fantastic! And thank you for the comment re. fuel systems, it brings to light some of the behind-the-scenes detail available to go into a model, that is not necessarily publicized by Asobo


Cannot wait for this one. What is the rough expected timeline? I mean rough, Q1 2022 or Q2?

We were HOPING to get it out before Christmas…


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :star_struck: :star_struck: that is all i can say

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Fan favorite from the old FS9 days!

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Judging from the pictures it looks to me like it’ll have fixed swimmers?

Yes, fixed pontons with wires.


This Christmas?!? That would be a treat indeed. I also like this approach where nothing is announced until it’s almost ready to go out the door and not an endless hype thread that goes on for months.


well, it was dedlined at Christmas, but this is likely to be pushed to january unfortunately, SU7, halted our development, so we have to make up the time we lost because of that. But i can confirm, this is NOT 3 month away :slight_smile:


Take all the time you need, we can wait :blush:


Loved the freeware “Cutters Goose” for FS9.

Before Christmas??? Wow

Good luck! I’m ready!!!

Nice… happy to see the fixed floats!

The Collings Foundation Goose (also a -6). I sat in it, haven’t flown in it… yet…


They already stated that it was the original plan but they will not be able to make it…so a January release is most likely.

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Beautiful work. Looking forward to flying her.

“Turn Pilot OFF” … I imagine that refers to some kind of autopilot mechanism?

Since it says “Aircraft Automatic Pilot”, im going to guess, yes :smiley:

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