Announcement (Official) CJSIMULATIONS CJS R-FAL

Ladies & Gentlemen, Fellow simmers and, Simmettes??
It is my ENOURMOUS pleasure to announce to you on behalf of my very good friend @CodeNameJack
the announcement of the latest project to follow the HUGELY POPULAR CJS TYPHOON.
This latest Project has been under wraps for many months and has been an absolute labor of love for everyone involved in the project.
So with out any further delay I present to you…


As of yet CJ has yet to announce a release date as the project is still in its latter stages of developement, but he is hoping to be released to the public by the end of the summer 2023.


Great looking plane!
I love how the pilot is looking at you like he knows his photo’s being taken on the front end shot :wink: :smiley:


Best news in a long time!! CJ makes so good aircraft, can’t wait :fire:


We were thinking YOU would be particularly pleased with this project


The topic is discussed in much more detail with the guys from CJS/DC Designs over in the fantastic community

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I hadn’t thought of that, but I think it’s no coincidence, the pilot loves to look at the camera!


Wow. Finally. The Rafale. I need oxygen. Thank you!


As a DCS player I’ve avoided pretty much every fighter in MSFS. I got the F-35 because of the unique avionics and capabilities and it was something we would never get for DCS. The Rafale is my absolute favorite fighter and I may have to make another exception and pick this up. It hurts a little to know it won’t have any accurate avionics, but it’s just so beautiful! I may have to have it just for the screenshots.


Who says it wont have “ANY” accurate avionics.
Its still a WIP and with CJS level of detail that assumption is a little premature.
Im sorry DCS doesnt have an accurate flight model but this isnt the place for that kind of chat.
This thread is for this product announcement

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Let’s see, 100% accurate avionics will never be, because most of the documentation is classified and we don’t have it, and I’m 100% sure that nobody outside the manufacturer has it. The avionics are being carried out based on extracts of information that we are collecting, but it will never be 100%, and you always have to understand the asobo’s weapons restrictions. We will not be able to implement what is outside of PEGI standards in MP versions.

What there will be is a representation of them, and adapted to the simulator so that there is coherence.

what you will not see is the avionics of the F-18 anywhere ;).


Are you going to release the Rafale M and Rafale B too or only the C? And when can we expect the Rafale to hit the Marketplace and Xbox?

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Hola @holzreaktor, olvidé comentar al respecto:

Las versiones que vamos a incluir son las versiones C y M, no vamos a hacer la versión B (versión biplaza), entre otras cosas porque tenemos una limitación impuesta por el SDK en cuanto al número máximo de polígonos, caras y aristas que podemos utilizar, en PC, xbox X y xbox S y también se van a usar texturas 8K, por lo que una versión B con 14 pantallas, 2 asientos, o prácticamente 2 cabinas, nos obligaría a reducir la calidad general de lo que queremos hacer aquí para que se ajuste a ese limite.

Queríamos dar un salto importante en términos de geometría, hasta el punto en que el recuento total sea 3,5 veces mayor que el utilizado en Typhoon. Salir de esto haría que muchos de ustedes tuvieran problemas de rendimiento y CTD y eso es algo que no vamos a permitir. Sobre todo queremos que todos puedan disfrutarlo, pero con la mayor calidad visual posible y sin afectar al rendimiento.

Por ello, se ha apostado por las versiones monoplaza con la máxima calidad que MSFS permita.

Respecto a tu segunda pregunta: este lanzamiento se hará directamente en MP y por lo tanto Xbox.

Hi @holzreaktor, I forgot to comment about it:

The versions we are going to include are the C and M versions, we are not going to make the B version (two-seater version), among other things because we have a limitation imposed by the SDK over the maximum polycount, faces and edges that we can use, on PC, xbox X and xbox S and 8K textures will also be used, so a B version with 14 screens, 2 seats, or practically 2 cockpits, would force us to reduce the overall quality of what we want to do here.

We wanted to take a big jump in terms of geometry, to the point where the total count is 3.5 times higher in comparisson with Typhoon. Getting out of this would cause many of you to have performance and CTD issues and that is something we are not going to allow. Above all we want everyone to be able to enjoy it, but with the highest possible visual quality without affecting performance.

For this reason, we have opted for the single-seater versions with the highest quality that MSFS allows.

Regarding your second question: this release will be done directly on MP and therefore Xbox.


Brilliant! Can’t wait


Great. Will it be possible to land on American aircraft carriers with the Rafale M?

If our other carriers can do it, I don’t see why this one won’t. :smiley:

Joking aside, yes, it will equip Hook, same as C, and with its characteristic and special landing gear prepared for carrier operations.

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I thought it was impossible to bring this plane to msfs because of restrictions of the Dassault company.
Did you have any issues with the license or other hurdles? …

I will not be able to answer that question since it is a matter of a private nature between the interested parties and that must be respected.

What I can tell you is that I have deep respect for the manufacturers and therefore I respect what they do not want to see represented in their aircraft. From any manufacturer I mean.


We have the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier already with a couple of static Rafales in the sim…


I was going to ask if we were close to a release yet?