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Hey would like to buy but not from orbx (only credit card , not Paypal. Internet and CC ist not very secure), is this Coming to the market place? And when?

Thanks for checking out the area. I did watch some Youtube videos of the coast from Exmouth to Weymouth and you’re right in that aside from small ships in harbour at places like Lyme Regis the actual ocean looks empty.

Maybe my expectations were unrealistic, and outside of ports and harbours the oceans generally have pretty little traffic around the coastlines, especially when it comes to cargo shipping.

I was expecting to see loads of boats everywhere, but that would be annoying to people who are more familiar with real life marine traffic and they noticed cargo ships were showing up where they shouldn’t.

In the future, are you planning to add leisure and ferry routes around the coastlines or is cargo the only routed traffic you intend to do?

You’re welcome @Kjaye767 - We will have to see. We are a part time developer and with another two products in the pipeline we have to be careful with how we use our time. A similar level of leisure traffic would certainly give the sim a boost though so we agree in principle :slight_smile: :+1:

Hi @Garack666 - Thanks for the interest! Yes it’s coming to the marketplace and xbox too. We’ve been holding back whilst some of the SU5 issues were worked through but watch this space is all I can say at the moment :slight_smile:

Hi @Axelc1962 - Thanks for asking and for the kind words! We’ll have to see as our time as part-time developers is limited and there are other things we want to do with Global Shipping too. We also have some other products in the pipeline that need completing (that do include ferries).

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Nice thanks!

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Hi @RolandoRossini - we have the routes but the traffic through them is rather low at the moment. Something we will be looking at. :+1:

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great thank you !

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Some shots from today’s ‘patrols’ around the Isle of Wight, Skagerrak Strait and Malta…

Isle of Wight, UK

Skagerrak Strait, Denmark/Norway



Ships approaching Çanakkale, Turkey this morning (development build).

Cant wait for this to come to Xbox!


Many thanks for the reply, cant wait to see what is coming in future developments.

I was at the Rotterdam port today and flew about five miles offshore. I lost track of the number of vessels, but it was over 30. I only saw one minor traffic jam involving three ships, but I didn’t stick around long enough to let them resolve it. :slight_smile: The others were patiently waiting at anchor or underway with no problems.

It would have been nice if a few of those ships could make it to the docks or farther into the harbor. There were some at the harbor entrance, but there are docks for miles upriver. I imagine there are good reasons you haven’t done that already, but it would add to the realism.

@seafrontsims congrats for the initiative, looking forward for the Xbox release. I don’t know if the add-on already does it, but it would be nice to have populated oil fields as well, this could even be implemented with some helipads on oil rigs… and the majority of them uses AIS, so I guess they might appear on Marine Traffic (just a suggestion for future development :slight_smile: )

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Hello everyone.

What you see below should not be …The wake is missing…I have the latest update. Am i missing something?

Yes, the wake … :smiley:

Sorry, couldn’t resist. The yacht was moving?

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Yes and i went today hunting boat and all i´ve seen looks the same…

Hi @PhilTheBeat2360 - If you have it installed into the Orbx Library please can you try Simulator instead? Some people have found this is more reliable for installation.

Nice-Cote-D’azur is a good place to test Enhanced AI. Set leisure boat sliders to 100%.

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Thnaks for the reply.

I try that and let you know :wink:

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After a test yesterday with all 3 “seafront” folders in the community folder i still have this “issue”

I´m going to try with a default scene and no one addon…I´ll be back soon :slight_smile: