[Announcement] Vessels: Global Shipping | Seafront Simulations

In the coming days we will be releasing our first two global products, the ‘sister’ addons Vessels: Global Shipping and Vessels: Enhanced AI.

Vessels: Global Shipping

We have flooded the seas with around 50,000 AI shipping routes and our usual high quality, night-lit, PBR utility vessels, fishing and cargo ships. They also include wakes with the new Sim Update 5!

Note: Vessels: Global Shipping will require Vessels: Enhanced AI

See below for a sneak peek but check out our site https://seafrontsims.com for more details.


Will this work with hnielsen791’s Global Ship AI?

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Yeah the same question. Or does this product intend to replace that mod?

Hi @BortCobain - There’s no reason why it shouldn’t. The ocean’s a big place after all and as far as we are concerned the more boats in the water the better :+1:


Hi @omarsmak - we’re absolutely NOT intending to replace anyone’s mod/product including Henrik’s. One of the great aspects of this community is the diversity of choice in addons/mods and you can always have the best of both watery worlds :slight_smile:


Definitely purchasing day one.

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How does this work with the AI settings in the sim for Marine Traffic? Do they have to be set to a certain number to function, or…?

Hi @CasualClick - For Global Shipping they’ll respond appropriately to settings between 60-100% if you want to throttle the traffic up or down :+1: :slight_smile: Enhanced AI will scale up or down from 0-100%. Of course we recommend the higher end :slight_smile:

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Looks amazing, especially with the wakes. How will this impact performance?

Got it!

Holy moly, there is a bit of a traffic jam at Rotterdam. And of course there is always someone passing the stopped traffic in the emergency lane … :smiley:

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A traffic jam at dusk makes for nice screenshots though!


Haha! Yes there are a few busy areas that could do with ‘sharing’ some of the loiter time with other ports. It’s something we are looking at for a future update. We hope you enjoy the scale in the meantime :slight_smile:


Yes, it’s great. And the wakes really make a difference.

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Thanks. They’ll get better too. :+1:

I trust performance is good too?

Yup, can’t see any problems even at Rotterdam with that many ships.

I’m running the sim on an i7 8700k @ 3,7GHz and a Geforce GTX 1070 at 1080p. Everything on Ultra and TAA. Very smooth at ~45 FPS arund Rotterdam and 100% Ship Traffic.

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Looking great!
Will this be released on the Marketplace or at SimMarket?
Don’t want to have to install yet another piece of software just for accessing the products on the OrbX site.

Hi @NixieLion - Yes it will be coming to the MSFS Marketplace. MS have been a bit busy this week with another release apparently :thinking: :slight_smile: but it will be there soon hopefully.

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Are there any plans to add more than the 19 ships to increase variety? And if yes, will they appear in the correct region? will navy ships and ferries be added?

just got it…
my only issue is apparent lack of wakes - some of the big shipping areas (HK/Tokyo) have many ships but most look to be static (although have seen a couple with the full wake effect) - also strangely saw some ships with what looked like some kind of static wake around them!? (is this default MSFS ships)

are you using the freeware ship mod with it and what settings did you select?

All moving ships have wakes for me, but there are quite a few that just sit there.

No, currently I’m not using the freeware Global Ship AI, because the freezes and stutters when new ships are getting converted in the background have gotten a lot worse and longer with SU5. It’s too annoying right now. I have both Ships and Ferries and Leisure Boats set to 100%.

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