Another patch today December 1, 2022?

i never remove things from community unless i get issues after.
update just now surprised me though


I thing is for sure is that the Flight plan in the MSFS is broken. Please somebody try to create a short flight plan (with the build in planner) for the Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan with an ILS landing and see if it works. Please.

seems ok what happened for you?

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did you update you navigraph as there was a new update


Lesson learned:
Interrupting an update can get you to bigger troubles than the one you thought you had.

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The plane when it arrives near the destination it does not follow the ILS path. Were you able to land the plane with ILS engaged and Aproch ON?

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you are right but now :smiley:

Hi for this issue you might get a better answer here Aircraft & Systems - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums as its the aircraft systems


Same here. After the smaller Updates within the last days (including today) it became kind of lottery, if the flight can be loaded or not. Often the whole msfs process stuck, if i take a look in the task manager.

Do you use GSX or FSHud? Still trying to figure out if it´s a problem with one of them, maybe in combination with the new Updates.
If anyone already has an idea, I would be thankful


no I don’t use them

whats is the 300.32 mb update for ?

My Reply was meant to be for the post from “HaywainPhoto”. The described problem there seems to be the same that i have for now

oh i didn’t fly it as i don’t fly the caravan (make sure gps mode is selected though)

My update is 743MB (only 1 so far). I did notice it was downloading / updating fsbase-genericairports also. I am good with any bugfixes that help the sim. :slight_smile:

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The sim is fragile and thrives on suffering with weird issues some of us have, while others don’t.

I can’t talk trash… I’ve installed the sim 2 times in 7 days because bad beta update, deleted rolling cache and data limits completely from the sim. MIA. Zero clue why they disappeared, then Asobo forced 1.29.30 on me again and it broke again. Works now. But still. :sweat_smile:

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In the middle of a flight but will see if I have one as well. When this thread first came out I had just wrapped up a flight and when I shut down and restarted it loaded past the checking for updates screen.

They should fix the problem of the transparent buildings of the airports when I load a large airport, from SU11 certain airports appear totally transparent and only the gates are visible

Yup. mandatory update here for me tonight not insignificant either :point_down:

EDIT: contains-
3 Updates-
FS Base Generic Airports
FS Base Nav (AIRAC)

Well, looks like navigation data mainly to me which fits to the new cycle.

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Why no announcement or anything about this update?