Another patch today December 1, 2022?

But but… anything changed on the AI traffic front? I have no access to my desktop for a few days.

Unlikely as it’s fs-base-genericairports and fs-base-nav which changed - both are in general unrelated to the traffics behavior. A change at this would require an update of the executable (so a higher version number of MSFS)

Wouldn’t count on anything until 2023, January at the earliest.

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Not me on Xbox LOL
At this point I question everything


No don’t use either of those. Just a few mods in the community folder, but got the same error when I removed them.

I just got a standard update on Xbox

My update was just over 300MB and confirmed just navdata updates.

Confirming there was a small update related to the C172 this morning - if there are any specifics around it I will post it in the #community:news-and-announcements category. Thanks!


Many thanks – that would be greatly appreciated :+1:

Steam seems to update every second time I start it up. Not sure why we are getting so excited about an update…

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after the update today the Bell 407 is modified, tail behavior changed flight dynamic changed, System start changed. Also the Garmin was updated. (or did beta users receive a different update?)

Can any xbox users check if the LOD issue was address in this update?

Exactly the same update here today. No idea about what it is.

I can confirm that the LOD issue has NOT been fixed! It still looks as terrible as before!


Downloading an update with things in the community folder is not an issue at all.

Sorry but What it’s means LOD?

LOD issue may not have been fixed on Xbox but I do feel like something happened. I posted in another thread. I loaded into KATL earlier this week and it was a apocalyptic mess, blurry runway, etc. Loaded in yesterday and everything seems like SU10 level other than the LOD/distance rendering. Same for London City. Graphic integrity seems to be back for me but the distance of the rendering is not good.


Having stuff in your community folder does nothing to the update process. You DO NOT have to empty it to update.

IF you experience crashes or other issues after after running the sim the first time after an update, then it’s highly recommended to move the content of the community folder so you can determine if the issue is with the core sim or a community mod. If you have no issues, there’s no need to move anything.


I had a larger update because I have the Deluxe version of MSFS. The darn update turned on every assistance setting in MSFS. I turned them all off, saved it, restarted MSFS and about 10 of them were back on again. Assistance settings are now titled Volocopter. What the heck is that? Why do updates screw with your settings?


@Riverrover That happened to me with SU11. Had you already downloaded SU11?