Antennas - nice mod for VFR

" Coverage of the whole Europe and part of Africa "


Great addon!!!
Thanks, Stefano

Fantastic! Thank you.

New update available Ver 0.2.0b by PuffinFlight:

Changelog Ver 0.2.0b 14.11.2020:

Fixed LOD of some mast models.
Added over 40 000 masts.
Added 2 new models for TV towers.
Added gray variants for TV masts.
Added masts that were marked as “way” instead of “node” in OSM.
Fixes and upgrades in algorithms. They should be more precise now.
Removed all masts placed in airport areas.
DATA UPDATE: 14.11.2020


V 0.2.0

Holy cow! Not my thing. (IFR) But good on him/her, that’s really impressive!

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Great add on, very precise. and much needed for VFR
Thank you very much.

Just bumping this to give it some love. Since getting Flight Simulator in December its always irked me that the three huge masts in my local area, two in Marldon, Paignton and one just outside Princetown on Dartmoor were nowhere to be seen in the sim.

This free mod puts them back in there, along with some cranes doing construction work in Newton Abbot. It’s an awesome free mod, probably my most useful after the VR map mod.


100% agree. I’ve had this installed for ages and it adds a lot of immersion.


Ive been using this mod for months now and it is really good for vfr flight. Hats off to the developer for this one.

The models for a lot of the masts are incorrect though, e.g. mendip is a grey mast but the model used is a big red and white pole. The other thing I notice is that the masts don’t seem visable until you get quite close to them.

That said, it’s way better than not having masts at all and odd that with all the eye candy in msfs that asobo didn’t include the masts with ai generation.

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Okay, thank you

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Glad you like it. In case of incorrect colour, we’ve reviewed manually all masts above 250m tall exactly for this. Info about colour in OpenStreetMaps data is VERY rare.
That’s why for upcoming chimneys we’ve made probabilities of colour variants for every country in Europe we had data for. It should give a more realistic result. For example, almost all tall chimneys in Poland are red/white, but in the UK it’s the other way around. We will also manually review and place all chimneys over 280m tall (goal is to do that for all taller than 140m).

Second thing. Visibility. Unfortunately, it’s a thing with the game engine. Asobos masts work the same. I’ve made some small adjustments but don’t expect any serious upgrade. Chimneys on the other hand are very visible.

And last thing. If you have any bug report, or want something added, or changed, because our data is wrong, just comment at or join our discord:

PS: I’ve checked and in the next version Mendip Mast will be grey :wink:


Thanks Puffinflight. I look forward to your next upgrade. You are right about the UK though I don’t recall seeing any red and white masts at all in the RW and I’ve covererd most of it both on the ground and in the air. Pretty much every mast I’ve seen is grey

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Good to know that. I’ll see if I could implement that country specific code that I use for chimneys to antennas. I’m really close to the release, so I’m not sure if I will be able to squeeze it into the upcoming version.


This looks like a great add on.
Do you have any plans to bring it to the xbox marketplace?

I’d love to! Sadly, my Microsoft Partner Program application is “in review” since June 2021. I even exchanged some e-mails with Asobo, where I proposed integrating my data with the sim, but it went nowhere. I’d even charge the smallest amount possible to put it on the payware marketplace, but you have to be in the partners program to do that. I have no hopes of putting it on the marketplace. At least till we have a proper freeware category in it.

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Thanks for the reply. Such a shame, I really was blown away when I came across your mod, I hadn’t really noticed how them being missing from the sim, now I can only dream of how much better it would make the experience, hopefully asobo either approve your application finally, or the freeware section finally makes its way to the xbox.

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We don’t really appreciate how great we have it on PC with all the freeware. I’ve been flying with this mod for so long I forget these things aren’t part of the default scenery.


I do wish half the freeware I have installed didn’t have to be fixes for incorrectly drawn rivers and overgrown trees, though. :smiley: