Anti aliasing needs to be improved

I notice it most when holding short. The lines on the runway shimmer a lot.


Odd I haven’t seen any ghosting, must be something to do with resolution and settings. I’m running native 1440p with a plain old 2060. I’ve turned off the in-game sharpening and am running the Nvidia version.

I use an AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT :wink:

Same issue here…flickering rooftops…somewhat slanted lines in the cockpit.

I don’t see many complaints for this issue. If anyone has good AA, can you share your Nvidia settings, maybe I am missing something?


Yes yes yes!!! Been hopeful that more people would notice this issue! The TAA looks terrible!!

Seriously needs a FIX! Not just for MSFS 2020 but it also affects other games. Something is seriously messed up in Windows 10 and 11.

Microsoft/Nvidia, PLEASE fix it.

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I also agree AA is very bad now. On 1080p is almost unbearable. Hope they fix it ASAP.

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Please take a look at my older post that I made recently regarding this problem:

Totally agree with you!! I can’t bear to fly like this!! I’m so mad at what they’ve done to the sim. It doesn’t just affect MSFS 2020 but also DCS World and XPlane 11 as well as Prepar3D… grrr…

Needs resolving ASAP


Please guys,

Everyone get together and go into your “Feedback Hub” app.

Select the category “Gaming and Xbox” then the subcategory “Game Performance and Compatibility”

Write to Microsoft and tell them how bad your AA looks! This needs to be fixed as it’s affecting other titles as well!

I’ll upvote any anti-aliasing post that I come across on there, I check it regularly until this issue is solved! This is ridiculous to have a 10900K/1080Ti in 2021 and having these graphical bugs…

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No thanks, i’d rather not have aliasing and jaggies in all my games.

Ruins the immersion. There’s better ways of fixing that issue that you describe than dumbing down the graphics.

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Is this issue part of the anti aliasing problem?

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Yes that’s due to the Anti Aliasing bug.

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Thanks for the confirmation.
It’s so distracting.

Hopefully they will fix this in the near future.



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It’s interesting because like I mentioned, this same problem can be seen in other simulators (XP11, P3D, DCS World, etc).

Something that all these titles share is definitely messed up. I would assume this is more of an issue with Windows 10 and 11 itself… but with the coming of Xbox release I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft intentionally did this to get the sim to be compatible on console…

This is the biggest problem when it comes to having Console/PC cross compatibility… PC suffers because of the consoles limitations. I am glad that you guys are all now noticing this and it’s not normal or a figment of imagination! Many people in other forums would consider it to be normal (which it isn’t) and it was so frustrating getting the point across. Simulators have never looked this bad in the past.

I can’t wait for this to be fixed so I can get back to flying again… errr any day now please…

I fly mainly on Prepar3D right now but I also love MSFS and await its maturity status. With regards to this same exact issue, here’s some posts that I’ve made in other forums, please do check them out:

It used to be assumed that this was an issue on a per application basis but it’s become clear that it is not the case since many people report this anti aliasing bug in a wide variety of games.

This isn’t hardware related either, it happens on both Intel/AMD systems… both Radeon/NVIDIA GPU’s as well.

That leaves this issue as being software related and it doesn’t appear to be something accessible to the user. Considering it’s happening on both sets of GPU’s and Processors, my assumption is that this falls back on Microsoft to fix. It’s a Windows problem.

Under investigation now! I hope AA is referring to Anti Aliasing. :grin:


Great news, here’s hoping :crossed_fingers:

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Nice, this is a step in the right direction!!

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The AA downgrade is not just for NVIDIA. It’s pretty horrible on AMD and I haven’t flown since the release of SU5. The downgrade is less visible in 2D, but if you fly in VR (Reverb G2), it’s a shimmer fest with tree poping in right underneath the plane. It’s been a year since the release of the sim, and I don’t know if things will ever get fixed to a point where we can have a reliable and immersive experience. It’s been such a let down for me.


They have not worked on VR side since the release. CTD for AMD GPU took 9 months to get resolved. The only reason it got fixed was because MS had to release XBOX version that uses AMD APU. I doubt they are even looking at the VR side at the moment.