Any comparison of Spad.Next, Mobiflight, etc.?

I’ve been using SPAD for 6 months and found it great. I’ve come to the point now that using the mouse at all for any control is frustrating to the point I shy away from flying the plane. The Black Square Analog King Air for example. Based on the discussion ( really valuable btw ) I have not tried other tools, but my question is should I try and learn them all? I have found some switches that just don’t seem to be mappable. No event or even if data does shows up in Spad data monitor it won’t control the switch. So the other tools mentioned here could they control switches that Spad can’t or do they all basically interface with the same sim code?

They all do the same thing, basically the same way, via Simconnect and bridge modules.

Unfortunately, you will find some features in some aircraft that simply cannot be automated, because the developer has used a technique relying on a variable type that just isn’t exposed in any way outside the aircraft model. There are wishlist items to improve this situation but they aren’t being worked on yet AFAIK. However, you can get 90% of the way there in most cases. Sometimes I end up having to automate things by using Spad.neXt to generate keypresses into the sim, because you can bind keys to some features that cannot be controlled any other way.

For me, Spad is the best of the automation toolkits out there. I’ve looked at AAO and it’s cool but I think Spad does more and I find it more intuitive. FSUIPC7 is a bit different than FSUIPC6 and I don’t use it for automation in MSFS apart from using the offsets via Spad.neXt.

If you’re hunting down automation ideas, the community snippets in Spad are a fantastic resource, but also Mobiflight Hubhop because you can look up the code they’re using which will tell you which variables they are interfacing to; or you can also install the Mobiflight WASM module and add those custom events to your Spad profiles and then use them in Spad as if they were regular Simconnect or HTML events.

Also, check out Les O’Reilly’s YouTube channel; he does a ton of videos showing how to use Spad with particular aircraft like the HondaJet.

I use FSUIPC. The only drawback I noticed is it cannot handle events with more than 1 argument. Still, it has a function to execute “calculator code”, so until now I was able to do everything I wanted.

I also have SPAD but use FSUIPC because I really enjoy the possibility to script it in LUA. That’s really powerful.

You can also go directly and open the model xml file and see what’s there.
That’s what I do when I need to map my PC-21 cockpit switches and buttons.

Fair enough. I am not a fan of Lua even though I have to use it for Air Manager :slight_smile:

There you go. I’m not a fan of C# in SPAD. :grin:

Anyway, I guess you can do almost everything with any of those tools.

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Not sure we can be friends, then. C# is the best programming language full stop :stuck_out_tongue:


+1 for the power and ease of Lua scripting. IMHO it’s better suited to what’s needed for controls and in the case of Air Manager you don’t even have to use that awful RPN. :slight_smile:

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Great info! Thanks for the detailed response. Really appreciate the help. I watch Les’s channel all the time! Great channel!

I’m about a month into my Spad journey. I’ve learned a fair bit, but have a long way to go.

It is frustrating to come across things in the aircraft that don’t aren’t exposed for Spad to control, but so far the only issues I’ve had are certain switches that won’t move in the sim, even though I can verfify that the data is being changed (by using Spad’s Event Monitor and/or Data Monitor.)

I haven’t seen anything yet that won’t show a data or event change when I click on it in the cockpit, but I’m sure they exist. IMO, if an event or data change is exposed to MSFS it should be exposed to Spad.

But that’s not for me to decide.

Quite common for a variable to be read-only (as in changing it does nothing). They’re used by the JS in panels to signal a state change but don’t work when set outside the panel. Sucks though.

Solely an opinion, from a grumpy old man… the dudes in the SPAD.Next Discord are even grumpier, treat users like garbage and dismiss simple suggestions with insults and belly laughs. It’s also pretty arcane and once you use it, you’re kinda hooked in for life.

I know a lot of old timers get a lot of use out of it, and I have no doubt it’s indispensable for people who need very fine grained control (and/or custom/rare hardware that they need to do specific things)… I don’t think most people with standard hardware really need it. I’d seriously look at some of the free options (Axis and Ohs, Mobiflight), if you don’t have an extremely custom setup and/or don’t want to be abused by support staff if they don’t find you “up to snuff.”


Show me a Discord where that’s not at least partly true.

Discord sucks.


It’s run by the devs, the bot handles registrations, etc. It should be more professional.

That’s true in most I use. Plus, it’s simply a great communication tool.

Blame the carpenter, not the hammer.

From another grumpy old man, there is a dude in the MobiFlight forum that goes by the alias of pizman82. He is really a pain in the … He is not the developer as far as I can tell (the developer seems realy nice from the youtube videos I have seen). But this pizman guy behaves like a 10 years old. He seems to know his stuff about MobiFlight, but he is so rude and unfriendly, it puts me off MobiFlight.

Also looking for a recommendation. I fly solely in VR with Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo units and TPR Rudder pedals. I just need to make better use of the units I have and am looking for the tool that is the least likely to send me down a time-chewing rabbit hole. While the default profiles work OK, there are planes with odd (or less common) controls that would be nice to map. Which is most user-friendly?