Any DA42 in the works?

Hello everyone… I’ve made some substantial progress on the da42 since I last posted. I can’t believe I’m saying this but this airplane is actually looking pretty bright for a successful product. The aircraft has been carefully tuned and perfected with recent help from the author of the DA62X mod. I’ve also gotten more familiar with how the dev process works. I’ve fully figured out template animations, cockpit interactions, and things like that. So, the current state of the airplane is a fully functional da42 that’s able to do any cross-country flights, IFR or VFR, while flying LIKE a da42. Here are some shots of our recent feats!

I’ve also yet to mention that sounds will be made by a member of the Flybywire team, Boris. We have recorded samples of the aircraft during some of our multi-engine training flights so you’ll know that it’s as real as it gets!