Any devs developing addons for Iceland and Faroe Islands?


Is there any teams developing sceneries pack for Iceland and Faroe Islands?
I don’t have the game yet because I can’t run it, but I watched videos and that’s what I would love to see:


Currently has great sceneries, but I would like to see handmade Reykjavik city which is the only big city on the island and relatively small at the same time. Some landmarks are missing like Harpa, Perlan or hallgrímskirkja church. I also would love to see some boats moving in the bay area since it’s very popular for whale watching.

I also would like to see Keflavik Airport being handmade as well.

Faroe Islands

This map is in very low definition on Bing Maps and I guess the scenery is not that great in MSFS. I think it need a complete revamp to actually like something.

Thank you


I’m trying to, but the SDK is not easy to work with

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Hi, you can find one here:


Yes, I don’t know why Iceland and Faroe Islands are “unfinished” (We need Vagar Airport!!! It was in beta version)


Just to make it clear, they don’t “hand made” cities, they use photogrammetry from Bing Maps together with the A.I. Basically, if the city can be viewed in 3D in Bing Maps, you get photogrammetry cities in the game.

Keflavik airport you say? Huh… I wonder who could possibly have been working on something like that in Blender for a while :wink: Keflavik Project Update - Album on Imgur

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While I was waiting for the sun to rise, I made a little rendition of Narsarsuaq. I’ve been playing too much FSEconomy and needed that airport (and Vagar) to get to Europe in my little DA40.

This is Vagar (not mine, actually good)

This is Narsarsuaq

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