Any fix(es) for the bloated runway / airport lights when using nvidia surround or an ultra-wide monitor?

Man I really wish other people noticed this issue. It seems like if you run a resolution greater than 1920x1080, the lights don’t scale properly and the larger your resolution, the larger (relative to the scenery) that the lights get. It is so bad looking, unrealistic, and annoying, that I can not use the sim during night-time weather at all. I really REALLY wish someone would give me a hint of where I can adjust light scaling for the entire sim. I don’t mind poking around in the SDK or anything… but there doesn’t seem to be ANY mod similar to the “light_scalar” method from FSX.

Someone PLEASE help!! How can I reduce the size / brightness of airport / city lights in the game?


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Same issue on my nvidia surround 3 monitor setup.

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Having the same issue. Any updates on this?

Might be best to raise a zendesk report so that it gets onto the bug list.

I got the same prob with 2560x1440. Already filed a zendesk report.
Interesting, that it only seems to occur on displays larger than 1920. There is one option in the UserCfg.opt called “SecondaryScaling” that I have no clue about. Might test, if changing this to smaller than 1.0 has some effect.

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I know there was a way to do it in FSX via some scalar value, so you might be on to something. Please give it a try and let me know if it works!!

Punt this issue everywhere I can find it.

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I’m also eagerly awaiting a fix for this! Night lighting is just not as good as it might be, now.

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Wait a little longer, post patch and still the same.


The new Windows crop thing is so awesome though, Win-key+shift+s and you can select only what you want from even full screen apps.

The most aggravating part of this is the lights are a repetitive value everywhere, it’s not like we want every airport hand fixed.

If X = >16:9 gosub smaller beach balls on all lights

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Hello, any fixes ?

Why are they even on during the day ? Thats an even bigger issue.

ASOBO This needs a fix ASAP
As mentioned above this also involves all lighting including everything from street lights to distant aircraft lights.
If it is in the too hard basket then unlock the configuration files and some bright spark in the community will fix it for you.

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To be able to read the direction of another craft by lighting rather than seeing a flying TidePod™ would be great.

Hey all. Just saw the sim update VI release notes and guess what I found!

“- Fixed blurry lights on ultra-wide/4k resolutions”

It’s happening!!!

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That’s one hell of a list of fixes for the next SU.

Yep, but I saw nothing about the excessive and inappropriate thunder and lightening with live weather.

It’s fixed and night flying now looks awesome. Although I have some strange glitches, blinking kind distortion of the approach lights when landing. Anyone else seeing this.

A tiny bit of “twinkling” but nothing horrible … and the lights on other planes are still broken.

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