Any fixes for the VFR Map Crash?

Flying the bush series and I keep getting the VFR Map Crash. Any work arounds?

Make sure to tick the option that opens the VFR map as soon as the flight starts (I believe it’s in assistance -> User experience). That seems to secure the VFR map for the rest of the flight.

Make sure you minimize the map instead of closing it. Also the best fix I’ve found so far is to use Little Navmap.

I concur with the above. Either never open it, or if you do, make sure you leave it open, do not close it, and attempt to re-open it later. It will crash.

In my experience, if you open it right at the beginning of the flight (can be done automatically with the option mentioned above), it won’t crash for the rest of the flight even if you close it.

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Yeah, just don’t attempt to re-open it. I’ve decide to stick with LNM for now. I only have a single monitor so have to tab out to it. I haven’t tried the web server yet, with this new MSFS beta. I used to use that with my iPad, but I found the map didn’t follow the aircraft for some reason, so I stopped using that.

You can also use VRFmap Plugin for the sim which pulls much more detailed maps. I would only suggest it if you have multiple monitors you can use. You can get it at

If you want something with a little more meat such as flight planning etc I would suggest (in order of my favorites) LittleNavMap (free), PlanG (free), and FSTramp (20 free uses then payware)

This right here.

Your experience doesn’t reflect what most others are having. If you close it at any point, it MAY crash on reopen. Not always, but there’s a chance it will. It’s best to just minimize it.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 1 being very difficult and 10 being very easy), how would you rate the difficulty of installing Little Nav Map and then setting it up to work with MSFS 2020? I keep hearing a lot of good things about Little Nav Map and so I’m wanting to give it a try and see if I like it more than SimToolkitpro.

I suggest talking for yourself and not for others. I seriously doubt you have polled “most” or have any idea of the results of this workaround with a majority or minority of users.

“it doesn’t work for me” is sufficient.

It does for me, so I’m suggesting it so that others may try it.

Perhaps I should have used the word “many” instead of “most”.

I’ve read tons of post on this both here and in the Steam forums. It seems that MANY are still experiencing the CTD re-opening the map after it’s been closed.

However, the one solution that does appear to work pretty universally is to minimize the map vs closing it.

LittleNavMap is easy to set up, simply install it, populate the database, then connect to the sim. As much as you might dislike 3rd party add ons they are what make the flight sim community go around. In FSX and Prepar3D I ran ORBX Global for textures and height maps, GSX for passenger loading etc, UTLive for real world Traffic, LittleNavMap and Active Sky for weather.

There are others out there that are great but those are the ones I liked.


LittleNavMap is very easy to use, and setup. Just make sure you have it configured to use the right nav data:


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Yeah what @hobanagerik said :smile:

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I am using Littlenavmap on the same PC as the sim. In this mode, it’s simple to set up.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the easiest I would say the set up difficulty rating is probably a 10.


Thank You all for the Feedback. Not going to use it going forward. Thanks!