Any future automatic pushback plug-in?


Currently using the pushback toolbar. But it’s still an immersion killer for me.

Anybody know if there is anything coming that resembles Better Pushback from x plane 11?


you mean, like pressing SHIFT+P on the keyboard to doing pushback? What do you mean by automatic pushback? It does it automatically, whether you’re ready for departure or not?

I assume you mean a steered pushback, preferably on another taxiway? All done automatically of course, so the pilot can focus on engine starts.

Is that the one where you have to draw the pushback path everytime you want to start pushback?

Yes, or something similar.

In x plane all you have to do is draw where you want the plane to be taxied to and when you start pushback it does it for you. There is no need for one to steer the plane into taxi position.

I believe the old fsx had something like this as well where taxi was done without user having to steer it.

In default FSX, you still need to press SHIFT+P then Numpad 1 or 2 (if I remember correctly) to be able to taxi back left/right.

Which is essentially the same as the current default pushback but without the ATC.

But since I’m only flying the A32NX mod, the pushback is integrated to the EFB. So I just press pushback, and press right/left and the pushback tug will turn on its own. But I’m really bad at timing, so I like the steering better even though it’s unrealistic at this stage.

Yeah, hopefully they come out with something where it can taxi on its own. It will definitely improve immersion. For me at least.

Not really the auto PB that you are looking for but PushBack Express has pushback based on rudder, keyboard or distance and also voice control. Payware though.

There’s a free version that basically do the same thing. Minus the voice control.

Yeah im using pushback toolbar. It’s the best right now i think.

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Yeah, but if you want automatic turning by setting a set distance, the Ground Services Addon is the one to go. I’ve used that before I use the FBW A32NX EFB pushback, and that’s before the current Pushback Toolbar that I used.

But using the ground services, it’s still an integrated UI menu, where you just set the distance and at which degree angle you want the pushback tug to turn to. Once you press Start pushback, it’ll push and turn on its own automatically at the distance you set and at an angle that you set as well.

The best freeware addon ever - better pushback

We must wait for GSX

GSX is progressing daily and we are working full time on it ( not the same time that is doing the airports ), we’ll share something more in due time.

ALL models and animations are being redone again, since we don’t want to recycle the P3D objects, even if the PBR versions were already good, but the general level of quality in MSFS planes requires a matching higher level of quality in GSX vehicles too so, there’s a lot to be done yet, but it will be worth the wait.


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Ahhh yes. This is what I’m hoping for. This seems to be just like better pushback from x plane. No more having to worry about steering plane on to taxi way.

Awesome to know there is something in the works.


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Agree, I would prefer an automatic pushback so all the timing, steering ect is done for you. Something exactly like better pushback for X plane 11, guess we will have to wait for GSX.

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I have moved your post to Third Party Addon Discussion. This is where anything regarding plugins should be discussed.

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You’re welcome.

Our dreams come true! @AthenaGrey1 @Neo4316 @xxYUNIORxx

Step-by-step tutorial.

1 Download the latest rerealse of Toolbar Pushback
2 Unpack into community folder.

If you’re using Microsoft Flight Simulator in any language other than English and want
to use the Interactive Pushback Audio, please run the ENABLE_INTERACTIVE_AUDIO.bat

3 Go to community folder and open folder ambitiouspilots-toolbar-pushback
Double-click file named


Press Y key and press enter key.

4 Click pushback icon

5 Click pre-plan pushback

6 Press and hold CTRL key - use mouse scroll wheel to zoom map in and out.
Click and hold left mouse button to move map around.
Drag mouse around to adjust tug direction.
Use scroll wheel to turn aircraft.

When ready - double-click left mouse button and press enter key.

7 Click request pushback.

8 Gnd :mega: “Please release parking breake” - click release parking breake.

9 Gnd :mega: “Ok push back completed. Please set parking breake”
Click parking breake.

10 Capt :mega: “Thank you and good bye”
Close pushback window.

@AmbitiousPilots Thank you very much for best addon ever!


I’m surprised you even remember to tag me. Hahah. Yeah, I had the update this morning and I did have a look through some videos of it. I can’t wait to try it as soon as my TV is repaired.

AWESOME!!! Things are getting better and better in the sim.

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Yes! I am absolutely loving this new Planned PushBack functionality. All thanks to @AmbitiousPilots awesome work! :heart: