ANY HAPPY - Logitech Flight Yoke System - USERS?

I had no choice. It was all I could afford and I desperately wanted to break away from keyboard and mouse. I only just ordered the Logitech Flight Yoke System having seen some casual flight sim users giving the thumbs up for an entry level yoke. It was not until I read in the forums here the bitter disappointment of various users.

I only have one question.

Is there not one happy Logitech Flight Yoke System user among us unaffected?

Surely it has to be better than mouse and keyboard, otherwise how can they sell such a faulty product?

Perhaps things will improve with the next patch when users can at least fiddle with sensitivity? Should I just leave it in its box when it arrives and stick with an Xbox controller until the next patch?

At the end of the day I understand that this yoke is no where on par with others, but that said, so many beginners seem happy with it previous to this awesome release of MSFS. Surely the devs will honor this entry level yoke as seems to be a lot of people who own it.

Sigh. If only I read the disappointment first. Here’s hoping some other newbie keyboard users have been able to get by with it. If you one of those guys … please do cheer me up. :sunny:

The Saitek/Logitech yoke is better than a keyboard & mouse. Here are some videos that will make the yoke less bad. Use these at your own risk - many have done this successfully!

Roger Dodger Aviation
** Saitek Yoke Disassembly -

Saitek Yoke Modification: Rubber Bands -

Saitek Yoke Modification: Rubber Bands and Zip Ties -

Saitek Yoke Modification: Replace Roll Spring -

Saitek Pro Flight Yoke ultimate mod- No detents -

Saitek Pro Flight Yoke Dead Zone Fix -


Whilst I appreciate the links, the fact that I have to do this to something sold on the market as plug and play is quite depressing.

Thanks all the same.

If it’s really as bad as they say it is, I will just sell to some other poor unsuspecting individual like me. lol

I might get by. I’m not as successful as others so will heed the warning.

A+++++ for the link! In the event I just toss it in a cupboard and look those links up a few years from now. In fact I’ll download just in case. For me this is not a solution BUT Thanks NewLight7. You obviously know your stuff!

Yeah, I understand fully.

You CAN in fact “fly” much better with this yoke than with a keyboard & mouse. If this is your first venture into controllers, you won’t know the difference. You should be fine if you don’t use any other yoke – but the first time you go to your buddy’s house and try out the Alpha or Yoko, then your wallet is going to want open wide and spew dollar bills like a geyser.

I didn’t find these solutions until I had my Saitek Y&TQ set for about 8 years. I was very used to “flying” with the center detents and did fine. In FS9, FSX & P3D you can use FSUIPC3/4/5 to reduce the dead zones and improve the sensitivities further. Fortunately, if you are only using MSFS 2020 (or shh… XP11), you won’t need this because these options are available within the simulator(s).

You will be fine with this equipment! Happy flying!

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The Saitek/Logitech Yoke has some issues but to be honest mine lasted over 7 years without any major issues. It is not as accurate as other (more expensive) yokes but unless you’re a real world pilot it does the job. And it is WAAYYYYY ahead of Keyboard and Mouse. I personally think it is ideal for first time users who cannot afford the Honeycomb yoke. I DO highly recommend using Spad.Next with ANY Saitek/Logitech equipment. Spad.Next is payware but IMHO it is indispensable. There is a bit of a steep learning curve but the developer is very active on his Discord channel and there are a fairly good group of users who actively assist new (or non-new) users.


I was happy with my Logitech yoke/pedal setup in FSX, but my fs2020 program does not respond to some of my yoke inputs. This has hurt the image of Microsoft IMOP.

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I think you get a lot for the money with this yoke as the throttle is included! Sure, there are better ones out there but they also cost a good chunk more.

I’ve used it since the release of MSFS and works fine without modifications. Might upgrade to another yoke in the future but it’s so much nicer than mouse and keyboard or a game controller!

I think it’s popular to pick on it, because it’s cheap and is rather “plastic”, especially by users who got high-end yokes.


Sounds promising Maelmoor.
I am currently using an Xbox One controller and it feels pretty smooth (except the rudder controls on it) From what everyone has been saying, I will be pleasantly surprised if it’s smoother than the controller I am currently using. That said, I do have high hopes for it.

I just came into some extra money and whilst I am now thinking about the Honey Comb Yoke - I will definitely give this Logitech one a chance. I won’t be opening it up. Instead I will keep the box and unit in mint condition in the off chance I sell it.

I should do a review on it as a complete newbie upgrading from a keyboard and mouse to give it some justice after the bias reviews. I hear ya … yet can’t say for sure myself as still waiting on it.

Thanks for your reply.

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It arrived today and I am happy as Larry!!! May I ask … Is it OK to leave plugged into the USB port all the time whilst it’s connected to my PC? Did you have any issues pulling it straight out of the usb port whilst the lights were still on? I am worried I might mess something up in the programming?

I think I had one issue with a key binding as previously mentioned so have just settled for the defaults which seem more than good enough for now. The manual does state then when binding keys some adjustments may have to be made with respect to sensitivity settings. I will work it out later BUT for now … it’s AWESOME. Obviously I have not been spoiled. Give it time. Worth every penny.

I might even get a second throttle setup to fly Mutli engines when my skill improves - for the price you can’t go wrong. In time I will upgrade but right now … for me I see no reason to.

The Logitech G Pro Peddles are on back order :slight_smile: I chose those because they seem wider among the budget variety. The rest make my balls cringe just looking at them … as well as lock my legs up.


Happy to hear!

You can leave it plugged in to the USB port, that’s what I do myself. When the game was released there was a bug that could cause the game to crash if you unplugged it while the game was running, but that’s fixed.

I got the rudder pedals myself, makes a nice difference to the immersion!

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Davekyn - Ahh! Great to hear! You’ll enjoy it! I left mine plugged in from 2006 - 2018 with no issues to my settings.

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lol - Well that answers that! A+ I definitely got the bug now. Just looking at some more Logitech products to make the most of the savings. As much as I love the sound of the HoneyComb products, it’s about $900Au to $$1000Au depending on where you buy for the Yoke and Throttle. I spent only $300Au for both.

Forgive me for raving on here. I’m considering the switch, radio and auto pilot panels. I keep asking myself what I want out of this Flight Sim Hobby? I gave up with FSX because I got sick of thumbling with the small dials. Perhaps things are a lot more smoother now but then there is also the hole role playing concept with many games today.

I’ve come across from Star Citizen. I spent $2000+ USD on that game and have come to regret although thankfully just recouped a larger proportion of that via Star Hanger. [A highly reputable company in the Grey Market Trading] Essentially I am now putting those funds into MSFS which in my opinion has much more to offer me. I made the Logitech Flight Yoke System before making that decision to sell out. I still don’t regret it!

Anyways, that’s my story.

Instead of wasting my money on an Alpha game that for all intent purposes will still be selling concept ships when Elon Musk has Landed either himself or one of his kids on Mars … I figure I may as well invest it in a flight sim cockpit. hehe. No offence to those who love SC. It’s no longer for me. MSFS now is. :+1:t2:

Seems I will have to wait on a good Cessna addon trainer. I have to say I much preferred the tutorials and articles in FSX. I can’t find anything for a slow learner like me with respect to navigation and radio use in MSFS. Maybe I am looking in the wrong menus? I’ve seen a few manuals online like this one:

I really wish all the planes came out with something easy to access like that in MSFS. In the Train Sim world is helps so much to read the manuals.

I’ll keep searching online … I think I might even reinstall FSX due to ROD teaching me what feels like more than what’s in MSFS. Is it just me that sees it this way? Not an issue for those that already know I guess.

I chuckle, because I am looking at controls I don’t know how to operate. I figure If I shell out, then I will surely learn one way of the other. Smiles. Narrr - Starting the makings of a cockpit I can work on will be my MSFS equivalent of walking around a Star Citizen Space ship. I will count my new experience much more tactile and immersive by comparison in a game that actually sells flyable content.

OK … not meaning to get into gaming politics. I best go spend some of my salvage money and put it to real use. Hope that was an interesting read. I mean not to spread dissatisfaction and dismiss what others most likely may enjoy.

OK … let the PayPal funds flow. :wink:


My yoke and throttle are working GREAT. I never have to use the keyboard during flight, as it should be!

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I have one (technically the Cessna version with the better roll unit) It’s pretty good. Only thing it needs is to be Force Feedback…but yea…I can buy a miata for the price of a FFB yoke.

It’s a touch dead in the center, but compared to the old CH units I had before it’s miles better in the Y axis.

Word to the wise, It likes power. Don’t put it on a passive USB hub, and don’t put it on a USB 3.0 port if you can get away with it.

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Yea I heard about the 3.0 warnings from other users, however at this point not having an issue with it being plugged into the latest USB ports on my most recent gaming MB. That said it’s early days so will heed your warning. That said, I have noted a few users on Youtube claiming they have had no issues with 3.0. Perhaps it’s an intermittent issue? If issues arise I could free up a 2.0 USB port on the upper part of my back plate and replace hook up my keyboard to the front. I have so many ports all in use this day and age.

Do you consider the front USB ports Passive? My front ones do a decent job charging up my phone, headphones and the like? Just need a little more clarification is all.

So the more I hook up to this Yoke in terms of addon panels the more power it needs to drain?

EDIT - does anyone know what extra connection I need if adding a second throttle. I see there is only room for one connection with respect to throttles? Just curious how they chain together as I can’t see anything in the description when buying the Logitech throttle separately.

May be older USB 3.0 implementation that was suspect.

Front panels are right off the MB header so they have 5v rail power. It’s when you use a usb hub that you start getting power problems if the hub doesn’t have a wall plug. (the Yoke I believe has a power port as well, or the old ones did.)

The other Throttle is USB, only the one that comes with the yoke uses that Micro DIN because that one doesn’t have it’s own USB head in it since it piggybacks off the yoke.

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Good to know … Thx :+1:t2:

Edit … Yea Mine does but swear it did not come with power cable???

I guess it was meant to be optional extra and given I intent to get addon panels probably going to need it. I don’t suppose you or anyone else knows much about that?

SOLVED: I understand above post much better now.

Occasionally the yoke axis calibration will need to be reset. The Logitech site has a script that can clear the calibration from the registry so it can be recalibrated.

first time that happened I thought the yoke was broken.

Filed under my support folder. I’m sure Honycomb will have a likewise page on their website in due course. lol

Good to know and TY.

Mine didn’t come with, but it’s primarily for if you plug the little FIP digital display gauges to the yoke. Those are hungry little buggers. I don’t use the USB on my yoke because I got an internal power supply hub with 4 extra USB ports out the back of my Tower drawing from the main Power supply.

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