Any of You Who have "Great" Photogrammetry in Cities... Please Read

No idea to be honest. Because it was on by default and thought it’d best so that my monthly download usage isn’t 100gb every time I fly.

do you have a data limit? In my experience if your connection is good enough, just turn off all manual and rolling cache. It will speed up loading times as well.

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I got so much hate and heat on the threads and on Reddit yesterday because I too heard Sebastian blow it off as if “it doesn’t happen and they don’t see it so just send more examples”. It really frustrated me and thought he responded poorly. Jorg on the other hand gave me some hope but I too wish Asobo would try to address this issue. Clearly something is going on.

I too didn’t have any issues during alpha.


I have the same problems. Sooo bad. All the black trees and buildings. I thought it was my setup… but I have a good PC, with 100mbps internet. And I see so many people with the same issues. It can even be see at airports. Go to KSMO… look around. It is all melted!

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Yep. I am actually leaning on, based on today’s posts in the forums, Asobo degraded the LOD even more, if that’s even possible, for some type of night lighting performance improvement but it just doesn’t look good. LOD has to get fixed otherwise this isnt better looking than xplane 11.


i9 10900K
32Gb ram
RTX 2080 super
no rolling cache
350 Mbits internet
all data turned on except multiplayer
AI traffic off
Settings all on max except render scaling (100)
I’ve left motion blur on medium, but will probably turn it off as I generally hate it in any other game
I’ve tweaked the nVidia control panel:

I don’t know if these have any impact on PG or not (I don’t see how)

Can’t believe livery has any impact. I’ve emptied my community folder for the patch update, so currently no scenery or mods installed

I’m in the UK. My server is North Europe and shows a ping of 34 right now

I woud turn off rolling cache if you have it on. I found it makes zero difference and seemed to improve FPS slightly without it

Hope this helps


LOD has been a sporadic thing for me. Sometimes it seems to be ok. Other times, I also see a melted mess of buildings that may or may not correct themselves when I’m right above them.

I don’t get it. I have a decently fast CPU and GPU (Ryzen 2700X with RTX2080), plenty of RAM, the game is loaded on an NVMe SSD, and I have 1 Gbit fibre internet that’s been nothing but rock solid and blazing fast. I’m pretty sure the issue isn’t on my end.

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This is what San Diego looks like to me right now.

And my settings:

Isn’t the melted building issue a well known issue related to the LOD? You can try to push your LOD beyond 2.0 from useropts config file (you can search the forum about it), it helps on improving the LOD but it makes your sim CPU bound, try it and see if it helps.

The point is that this shouldn’t be happening regardless of what our LOD setting is.

And I lost about 10 fps with this update. Not willing to do any changes that will tank that further.

If you’re using an NVidia card, check that FXAA hasn’t been enabled from the drivers/experience. Multiple users reported that that caused their slowdowns.


yep, this helps and appreciate you always willing to help. I will take a look at my NVIDIA control panel settings and try to match yours.

I do have AI traffic on and do have multiplayer on. Maybe that is a culprit with bottlenecking, but who knows.

I tried the manual updating the LOD to a 4 or 5… saw minimal improvement and to your point the CPU was running pretty heavy, but wasn’t worth the manual update, in my opinion.

have you tried moving your sliders to 200? I have everything on max/ultra and still get crappy PG most of the time… but yeah, San Diego does not look good in your pics.

Yeah make sure FXAA is disabled in your Nvidia control panel, the new TAA doesn’t like FXAA enabled, I was having the issue that fps were halved and that the was the reason.

Yes, I tried that too and couldn’t see an appreciable improvement.

I’m told AI traffic kills FPS, but not sure about PG. It does seem to hog CPU and (so the story goes) gets worse over time as the AI planes are never actually removed, so they fill up memory. I have real time traffic on, so never really see the need for AI, but you might prefer it.

Ohhh sorry. I meant I have real time traffic, not AI. My apologies. OK, going to work on my settings to match yours and see what happens!

San Diego is one place that looks pretty horrible pretty much all of the time. I don’t know if it’s related to the fact I have the KSAN add-on from the marketplace. I see this all over the place, but it seems random. Sometimes I see it, the next time I’m in the same location, I don’t. But San Diego is a pretty consistent bad visual experience for me.

For sure… It does look bad as well as SFO (for me) – they’re both pretty consistently bad. Standby, about to do a flight from San Diego

OK, just spawned into it (per @gordongreig I just followed some of his recommendations - he and I have very similar setups and internet, big diff is I am in US and he’s in Europe) but… San Diego actually is now looking back to normal, at least via drone camera from airport.

Let me fly and see what it does…

OK, I flew over the neighborhoods next to airport and to me, this is just the downfalls of photogrammetry – this isn’t the bug I keep referencing (the un-rendered buildings that just become triangles). To your point @Crunchmeister71 the PG in this city just isn’t that good. BUT I can live with this!

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