Any plan to update clouds?

Does anyone know whether there are plans to add different kinds of clouds in MSFS? Right now it seems to be just different sizes of cumulous. I would love to see some cirrus at high levels, real cumulonimbus, and stratus.


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There is a subcategory on the forum for community requests to have features added, changed or removed from MSFS. There are several related to clouds that you may want to contribute to. We use a voting system. If you see a topic you like, the vote button is at the top of the topic.

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I have the neat impression taht they have improved the clouds in the latest version. They look much better than before to me.

Also perhaps i never noticed it before, but they are now dynamic, i.e their shape changes with time.

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The clouds have been doing that since day one. :wink:


Does anyone find that the land in the shadow of clouds (or overcast) is too dark ?


Maybe one of these threads is something for you:

Thanks for that. I will check them out.

Clouds are fine to me. Don’t fix it if its not broken…

It’s not about fixing
It’s about having different types of clouds


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