Daytime Scenery Too Dark - Need a Way to Adjust Ground Lighting (Effect Strength) for VR

Brief description of the issue:
Lighting of the ground textures & models is dynamically adjusted by time, season, weather and eye adaption effects. In combination, the resulting ground scenery can be very dark, even at midday. On a monitor, this is excellent (at least in my opinion), but with the limited dynamic range of VR headsets, it can result in a display that is unnaturally and unreasonably dark - like ‘flying during a solar eclipse’ - as someone very aptly described it.

Please can we have a method of adjusting/reducing these dynamic effects, specifically to lighten the daytime ground display in VR.

Provide Screenshot(s)/video(s) of the issue encountered:
Comparison of clear summer / overcast winter lighting taken over Riga in Northern Europe (both at midday local time) showing the change in lighting effects. Flying in VR, the overcast winter scenes appear much darker than screenshots show.

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

Interestingly I find it almost acceptable in VR, but in 2D the brightness of full day light and the darkness of overcast conditions are much too extreme - similar to what you show in your captures.

We do need a way of tuning these extremes for both 2D and VR.

Yeah that’s interesting. I absolutely love the dynamic lighting in the sim … just wish I could get it a bit brighter on dull days in VR :slight_smile:

Screenshots taken with drone and don’t show the ‘eye adaption’ effects. I like these too but they do compound the issue. Also tried disabling these in the ‘usercfg.opt’ file … but with no effect.

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