Any plans to avoid forced updates and allowing us to rollback into an older version?

The wind gusts are broken also if you try to set the wind manually! see the link to the issue in the OP. We don’t have gusts today at all!

You missed the point of @Neo4316 post, how does rolling back to a previous version change anything when gusts would still be “broken”? That’s the subject of this thread, rolling back builds is it not?!

Unfortunately that’s just part and parcel of a game/sim of this magnitude with modding support, the need to check after each patch is just “a thing” that this and other Sims require. Of course you don’t have to check, just get on and fly and hope for the best!

Again though being forced to update is so that everyone is on the same build, think of the update process like an MMOPRG going down for maintenance, it happens and you have to live with it. Delaying an update won’t help anything as you won’t have access to the sim as everyone else will be on the latest build, that’s the nature of this game/sim using the cloud structure for online play. All you can do is get used too it.

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First, if I could rollback to pre SU4, it would work as this is a bug in the application (client side).
Second @Neo4316 said that “it’s online related” and it’s not… that’s why a rolling back does help if you wish to use gusts.

But then you’d forever be on an older build that would then be outdated by new features coming in, what’s the point in that? Segregation to everyone else, anyway it is what it is and as I said above rolling back won’t solve or help anything.

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Not forever…just as long as you need to, and when you choose to. If someone cares to practice IFR in severe IMC conditions and gusty winds, he will be able at least to use a build that worked for him. It could be that at some point, the broken stuff won’t be critical and you will be able to upgrade when you choose to. It’s not just about weather, it could be anything that breaks and there are many.
The point here is not about staying way back, it’s about using the stable build for the use-case you the need the sim for, without being forced to.

Actually I’m referring to something like x-plane where I can ignore the patch , run the mods I have as is, and update later. While still receiving live weather.

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Looking at it from a wider perspective isn’t it MS policy to move towards on-line programmes? I’m thinking here of versions of Office and the like where customers are being “encouraged” to use the cloud-based offerings rather than download a title directly to your machine. Personally I refuse to do this and unless it’s absolutely necessary (such as MSFS) I’ll take my custom elsewhere.
But it does seem to be a Microsoft policy so I don’t expect it to change, even for MSFS.

It’s not just Microsoft Policy. It’s just the trend of the entire industry. Even in professional environment. Software is gradually moving from a Buy once and run forever system into a cloud software as a service (SaaS) environment. Where you’re technically subscribing for your use of the technology instead of owning it.

This means, you’ll always get forced update, and always be on latest version no matter what.

I know because I work as a SaaS consultant, and that’s where the money is. That’s where we can deliver more business value compared to buying, owning, and running a system yourself.

Doesn’t look like a SaaS to me… :slight_smile:

Will reiterate, SaaS is for thin client-side application where the majority of the processing is done on the server side. This is NOT the case here. You can perfectly fly when you lose internet connection or choosing to fly offline…or use the DVD installation ( mercy on those who did though… )
Sure some online services will be missing purely because they are real-time live data, but the processing engine is on the client local one. You are not streaming a game to a “dumb thin” client.
The extended data is on the server for the application to cache but it’s not mandatory. You can perfectly fly worldwide with base sim data (over 100GB).

I wish it would be programmed in a way that the updated even work from the Microsoft Market place. For me I always have download issues and it only works if I uninstall the entire FS and reinstall it with the new update. That means I had to re-download the entire 130 GB of data (now even more) . Luckily I found a way to backup some of the data that reduces my download after each update.

I guess since Microsoft has made the decision that all clients must be of the same version you have a choice of using that software, or using an alternative flight simulation such as P3D or Xplane 11.


(you know mods, sometimes that’s all that’s required for an answer, especially how often this particular subject has been covered. No offense to the OP in that regard, threads die. I just don’t like the 10 character limit, and that they’ve made the AI that governs it even harsher)

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