Any plans to avoid forced updates and allowing us to rollback into an older version?

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As in aviation, safety and consistency are paramount above all. Many of us are professional pilots and simmers that consider the sim as a professional tool and expect the sim to behave in a consistent and predicable manner. In the current state, the forced releases are inherently causing a forced regression. Every update changes some aspects, stability, can break compatibility with certain addons or simply introduce new bugs that in some case are either over-looked or take considerable amount of time to fix. The bottom line here, that it’s all fine and expected but we can’t rely on the sim to behave the same once an update has been introduced.
I.e, if your priority is to practice bad and dangerous gusty weather, that’s currently impossible. Since SU4 gusts are simply not working, be it real-weather or custom weather ( No wind gusts regardless of how I set gust sliders. No data displayed in the “Wind Graph” ). The amount of forum discussions or zendesk tickets didn’t ended up with a fix, nor an hotfix was issued the day after SU4 has been rolled out.
The ability to either stay on an older release or the ability to rollback to previous release is critical in order to have a continuous predictable behavior from the sim, and currently this is the only sim in the marker that doesn’t allow this.

There are surely some limitations and backwards compatibility issues involved, but I’m sure many of us will be able to depend and be fully committed to the sim if update mechanism will allow this. Even if compromising means using specific versions, using a manual cache ( if the data breaks compatibility ) etc… it will be lightyears better than the current state.

As in real-life, when you choose to fly in a commercial flight , it won’t be on an experimental aircraft… please allow us the option to choose.

it’s just a game live with it.


Sorry, but I strongly disagree here. Since the announcement, MS made it clear that this is real simulator and they have all of the intention to target both “gamers” as well as simmers and aviators…
This is not a highly specialized feature to ask here. Besides, a regression or CTD etc… can happen to a “gamer” which will be able to choose at least to rollback, it has nothing to do with this being a “game” or not…


This sim is mainly for use online. This is why all the updates are mandatory. We all have to play the same version.



ok i hear you but with this being for xbox i can’t see it more then just a game, but good luck

Hi, sorry but this is not entirely correct. It’s an hybrid application which rely optionally on online services such as weather and data that you don’t have locally ( your cache) but it’s very easy to use custom weather, manually cached region an no multiplayer or live traffic and be fully offline. Depends on the use case, it might be what you need.
I’m happened to be working in software development for 26 years now and have dealt with complex cloud side and client side systems. I very familiar with how backwards compatibility can be maintained and there are numerous ways to let us use an older version of the core sim. As I said in the OP, it can be made easier with compromises, (use local data only etc) but we should be left with the option to choose when to switch. There is simply no way to ensure that something won’t break for you once the update date arrives.

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You can disagree all you want, but that’s still doesn’t change the fact that this is just how it is at the moment. That’s the environment we live in. Just like every other MMORPG out there, it’s always online, and the client version has to be the exact same version for everyone. If you’re behind, you can’t start the app.


If you read my posts, you will see that this can be done even without maintaining compatbility to the live data. You can use the local cached data and you even have the option already to manually cache the areas you need.
It’s a clear decision that needs to be made, to let you upgrade when it’s the right time for you… the MMORPG comparsion is inaccurate as they are far more different then the sim.

Yeah, it gets a bit confusing since you’re posting the same thing in two different topics. But I’m going to repeat again, I think it would be a great idea if you would apply in Asobo as a developer. I’m sure they’ll appreciate your idea and what your 30 years as a software developer would bring to the MSFS platform.

If you think this can be done. Then let them know, and help them make it happen.


There are no plans to allow running on previous versions at this time.

The sim uses a number of cloud services that are synchronized with the sim (not just scenery data services, but also auth, profile, marketplace entitlements, settings storage, etc) and the team does not have plans to maintain the multiple versions of the large amount of backend infrastructure that would be required or take each service and abstract in into a cacheable model.

We understand sometimes that updates can cause unintended issues, but the team strongly believes that having the full community (which will now also include XBox) on the same version ensures the best possible feedback and telemetry to the team to get those problems sorted quicker, and avoids the user confusion of having multiple versions of the product running side by side.

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I personally think it would be a mess of a system to allow rollbacks for an MMORPG style game/sim, best to keep everyone in the same build and allow Beta Testers a special Beta Branch with that being the only other one.

A N Other Simulation (racing) has multiple branches and it’s pointlessly confusing to the point it’s worthless, stick to one and just hope Asobo get their act together with the beta progress and release builds in a far better shape, the onus is on them to do so and not on us to faff around with different build numbers.

The update policy of MSFS was a design decision and is well explained by Asobo. Changing this would probably be a fundamental change.

And, to be honest, after going through many point and major releases in P3D I have to say I’m happy about how it’s done in MSFS.



There are ‘update police’? That explains a lot :laughing:

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Hehe… typo: policy

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I did say it’s “mainly” for use online.
It is possible to run it completely offline, but I’ve never tried it and I understand it’s not obvious to m st people.


No, updates are why were seeing steady progress in the sim… And there is not a cat in hell’s chance of rolling back, you cannot have two different versions of the sim.

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Well Asobo’s original intention is correct, yes, we need newer versions for progress BUT… things are kept in a broken state… for too long now.
See my other post about lack of turbulence : Major issues with turbulence - seriously unrealistic!
Or my initial posts about the wind gusts being completely broken since SU4.
This is all with bug reports , votes and forum discussion and in the end of the day… still no fix. This is unacceptable state for those who wishes to fly under these conditions. The sim is more than a beautiful scenery explorer, there are many who prioritize flying with simulating accurate weather and aerodynamics…


You are very wrong sir. It’s a simulation and it runs well on the series x. Well until ASOBO breaks it.

And how does the wind gust issue helps if it’s online related even if you rollback to a previous version? It would still going to be broken no matter which version you’re running at.

The only reason I pine for the option to update is just simply that some nights I want to sit down and play , and instead I have to deal with a sim update, then checking any mods and third party aircrafts for their updates immediately after.

It just gets annoying and is a negative in the ‘quality of life’ department for the game experience.