Anybody have a link to the happy msfs forum?

i found this one by mistake.


I agree.
Negative but constructive comments are useful but a lot of the comments in here seem to be written by very angry children.

Things like calling the Devs names or saying the sim is disgusting (I’ve seen both) is a sign of modern times I’m afraid. Everything is great or everything is disgusting, nothing in between.

Even after all the magnificent work the Devs have done some people just concentrate on their one little peeve and won’t let it go.

I have high hopes for the Sim but despair for humanity.


I paid good money for this sim and the shade of blue on the 787 is off ever so slightly in cloudy light! (sarcasm ) :slight_smile:

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Lol. :grin:

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they turned this forum into an avsim forum


What’s a happy forum? I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter.

You’ll need a time machine for that link, because the times where the first alpha joined was the happiest of all

damnit seems only the insiders were ever happy… the rest of us, can’t even see their joy!

Im not a pilot. And I dont play video games much anymore.
But I absolutely love msfs2020.

For a few dollars I was able to get the best flight simulator ever made!

Sure I barely know how to fly. But im learning!

I can easily look past its faults because i know they are being fixed!


Really This update destroyed my installation and now it wont let me re install it. I spent 35 years in engineering development and this just show how bad Microsoft is now. Thinking of getting my $120 back and going back to xplane. I was a tech alpha insider too.

Cherish these moments! A year from now, and you’ll remember these days as the happiest :wink:

you mean the one where they test the updates? I think people are upset as the patch was so promising and is causing so many issues

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haha, then don’t goto the FB groups, they make avisim look like disneyland.

no newsletter, just koolaid :smiley:

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This is pretty good but I’m waiting for someone to start the post: “Does X-Plane have anything to worry about?”


I don’t mean people like yourself that have a reasonable criticism, it’s the whiny, dripping, wingers and the way they complain that is so annoying.

“Hey Asobo, since the update I can no longer load the sim, CTD every time at menu launch.”

“Asobo, your program is rubbish, I hate it and have deleted it. Not worth $1. I want my money back”

See the difference?

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Those kind of people still raise awareness, although not as constructive as others. Most of those extreme responses are due to gamebreaking issues; crashes, installation problems, etc. Not quality of life suggestions.

What I can not truly stand is; blind praisers acting like everything is already perfect, trying to silence and dismiss any negative criticism, even the constructive ones. Those bunch of forum bullies is the cancer.

Surprisingly, the patch thread in Avsim is going along nicely right now, with a lot of people with old rigs praising the performance improvements.

What a time to be alive.

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People are idiots these days. Thanks to ‘social’ media people have a podium for their uninformed opinions. Construction workers and car mechanics talk like they are game developers and know anything about any line of work. And because everything comes so easy these days people are very entitled. They want the best of the best for free basically, and they want it today.

So please Asobo give us the unicorn patch today or else the CEO should be fired and if not i will go back to MS-DOS.


Yeh I will come here less frequently. I find avsim to be a much better forum for discussion. Constructive criticism is fine but the hysteria and knee-jerk reactions means this place is a rant forum for a local minority. On another thread someone was praising the sim and Asobo and the following response post asked if they were a paid tester or reviewer. :slight_smile: