Anyone from Georgia, US?

Any simmers from South Georgia?

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I am from North West GA

Cool, do you fly is the GA area?

I’m near Savannah. You?

Near Tifton

North Georgia close to KCNI.

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I’m from south GA.


I’m in Savannah, GA. Just got MFS a few days ago and would love to join a crew or Discord!


I have seen your name while In the air. I’m in Jesup. Let me know if you want to fly sometime.

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Well, my first day was yesterday so maybe it was then? Do you have Discord? I’m originally from North, GA but moved to Savannah about 6 years go. Aviation is big here.

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Well, I thought I recognized the name but maybe not. I do have Discord. I haven’t used it yet but I’m supposed to fly with a group tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll get all the bugs worked out before the flight. You can look under the Events section of this forum for group flights. They have many available. Happy air time!


My discord is airman-parker34#1174 if anyone wants to fly some day. Only about a month into this Sim and Xplane 11.

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Hmm, said you are not accepting friend request.

Try adding me - Dik#6708

Originally from south Louisiana, but moved to Macon last year for a job.

KCSG for me.

Tifton has a decent airport too…

This thread really took off. Pun intended. :neutral_face:


Definitely need to get a Georgia MSFS Discord going.

Set it up. Are there any cool bush strips up in the mountains? I can mainly fly in the evenings after 8.

I was born and raised in Greensboro, GA. Don’t miss it either lol

Well, since there has been a decent amount of responses here I will work on getting a Georgia MSFS Discord going! I have not run one before so if anyone else is up for it then go for it! I’ll have a link posted by 7:00pm EST today. If you have any suggestions please let me know!

Looking forward to flying with all of you!

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