Anyone get a 7900XTX? If so how is the MSFS Performance?

This is only those with AMD design. All custom cooling GPUs are OK.

Guys with reverb G2, are you having v2 or v1? Do you have artifacts when enabling FSR2? Cause I’m having terrible “trails”

I have the v1 of the G2. Artifacts from FSR2 is an issue with the FSR2 implementation in the sim and has not got anything to do with VR. I only use FSR through OXR Toolkit for that reason.

Yes, „only“ MBA.

Is FSR via OXR better? Could you please share your OXR settings and MSFS settings for PC /VR. Thanks,

I only used FSR in VR as needed some frame boost there - thus noticed only in VR :slight_smile: . Regular 2D works ok on ultra.