Anyone getting a stutter free experience at complex airports?

I don’t have much experience w/ the A32NX but I noticed a decent FPS drop. I’ve been mostly using the DA62 and TBM for past few months, but recently started getting back into the A320 and specifically FBW A32NX. I thought it was my Rex weather, but switching to clear skies it was the same. On the ground I was getting 25-35 FPS, in the air it’s better around 32-40FPS. Little jerky quickly looking around. GA planes I was getting around 55-60FPS on the ground or in the air. i7-10700k 4.6GHz, 32GB, 2070 SUPER, N2 NVMe HD. It’s a bit concerning as I hope the MSFS2020 engine has the horsepower (architecture) to support these more complex planes.

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Always stuttery especially with VR unless I reduce the render scale to 30 in VR or 50 in 2D.

I7 8700k
Rtx 2080 super
64 GB ram

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I was having all kinds of issues until I finally went down from 4k resolution and that fixed all of my problems. Actually, it’s not that bad- takes a little getting used to, but I was able to crank up my settings a lot- so the tradeoff is worth it. This is on my meager 1080ti.

Check your texture resolution and synthesis in settings too. I brought them down to high and that gave me even better performance with minimal impact on the visuals. When all was said and done, I got double the LOD and really surprisingly-good performance.

Can’t wait to get the 30xx…

Since, I haven’t had a stutter-free anything. I have above-average hardware specs.
Everything was relatively smooth before Now, even if I’m sitting still on the apron, I get stutters.


I have my texture resolution to High. I will probably drop texture synthesis down to high to see what results I get

its all very odd and mysterious. I have a gaming laptop msi with rtx 2060, and I play around with settings lot. I have generally a nice wow experience. I have even bumped my settings UP instead of down and perceived(and that’s the word) better performance. Only have FLY TAMPA Vegas as bought complex airport, it depends on so many things. luckily I’m the type who spends more time on collecting hardware and tweaking than actual flying. One Day I will accidentally find the perfect sweetspot, but of course wont realize what I tweaked, and lose it all. Had the same thing with fs95 on my 486 in the days.

I play on a 1440p freesync monitor with vsync on capped at 60 in game. I dont have any Stutters, though i have dropped a few frames since the last world update.

I play at Ultra settings on a 1440p monitor with vsync on capped at 30 in game. I don’t have any major stutters, only a few barely noticeable when fps sometimes dips below 30fps at big busy airports, but if I turn down the terrain slider to 100 and set clouds to High i’m always stutter free in all conditions.
I9 10900k
32gb Ram
1 tb M2 HD.

I might be wrong but I believe the newest threaded mesh optimizer Sebastian was mentioning in a Q&A might have been introduced around 1.12.13. I’m thinking of this one because I’ve reported early on the first time I’ve posted “My VR Settings - Index” how I needed to lower TLOD to 50% otherwise it would be stuttering in VR over PG areas, and I attributed this (when cross checking other factors) to the vertex buffers update taking too much resources/time and stalling the rendering loop.

WU3 is definitely worse and is stalling much more often in VR particularly. I believe it is the same bug amplified this time. It is remarkably visible over London PG and when looking at the unnecessary mesh complexity, it further reinforces to me the vertex buffers handling*

Today someone has posted a video in the VR forums which perfectly illustrates the problem to me:
Frame drops only on certain spots, and only in VR (ex: LFPE 25R)

I might be perfectly and certainly wrong about this but I believe:

  • FS2020 rendering engine is having a bug introduced since the VR official release at least, with the DX11 buffers update code,

  • Or it is using the DX11 API in a way which causes CPU/GPU sync stalls (like waiting on a wrong fence or something similar).

  • It is possible this bug is related to changes in the rendering code logic, being recoded for the upcoming DX12 and for example wrongly merged in the DX11 code base, or rightfully merged but without checking the consequences for the DX11 implementation,

  • Or it just didn’t trigger a regression bug in the automatic DX11 tests because these tests are coded in a way which doesn’t exhibit the problem,

  • Or add your own speculation here…

In any case, all external and visible indicators are telling me the engine is stalling when updating buffers. It might just be a side effect of something else though.

*Problems with the London PG mesh illustrated:

[World Update 3] London Photogrammetry Mesh Holes

Bad performance (Low FPS) with World Update 3 and new London photogrammetry - possible memory leaks - #36 by CptLucky8


Filed in Zendesk as:
Request #95862 Rendering engine bug updating DX11 buffers

Here are some recent comments I’ve posted related to the same issue, which will give some more feedback and context:

VR in MSFS is starting to lose its luster for me - #96 by CptLucky8
Solution for Stutters & Pauses - #446 by CptLucky8
Rtx 3080 vs 3090 - #27 by CptLucky8

I believe it is paramount FS2020 also implements a user facing debugging log:

Debugging log - #7 by CptLucky8

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Last night, I was doing some pattern work at Imaginesim’s KATL in the FBW. Total slideshow at about mid-field, buttery-smooth before/after that. Did pattern work at LAX, total slideshow over KLGB and SE of LAX. On approach to EGLL, total slideshow approaching that stadium east of the field. Slideshow on arrival into KSFO when coming in on the STAR from the north.

These all resolved themselves in-flight fortunately, but they were bad.

Something about the update doesn’t play well with airports. Maybe how the scenery loads a few miles out- or maybe a common object is causing problems? Perhaps too much scenery in one area is causing it, I don’t know, but it seems worse post-update than beforehand. I dialed back my settings considerably but the problems were about the same:-(

i9-1900k 3090gpu
I get stutters like crazy especially after this new update and with the latest Nvidia’s driver.
Playing on 4K.

Try reducing to 1080p

I can’t. I won’t get used to it.

No worries. You’ll be fine when the 4080Ti comes out.

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Seems about the same for me. Before my performance was fairly smooth. I would get the some stuttering when entering crazy busy, high density photogrammetry areas such as Los Angeles, but otherwise it was a relatively smooth experience the majority of the time, with frame rates consistently over 40 fps in all but the busy areas like LA. At FL450 in the Longitude, I was even able to hit almost 60 fps.

Since, overall performance has tanked and I get constant stutters, even just sitting on the apron even at auto-gen airports in non-PG areas. Disabling rolling cache has significantly improved the stuttering in PG areas, but the general stutters are still there.

And World Update 3 dropped overall fps by about 10, making the whole experience even worse.


I’ve been experiencing similar issues. It’s happened twice or so now flying into KMCO, which is a handcrafted airport so I wonder if that’s the culprit as you pointed out. I never had any issues before the update, but taxiing around or approaching the airport is when the stuttering starts. However, sometimes on rare occasion, I’ve experienced these random, temporary stutters during cruise flight, strangely.

Same here. I would get the brief, occasional micro stutters at the larger/handcrafted airports, but ever since the update the stutters have gotten worse and lasted longer than before. Must be some sort of bug and I hope it gets fixed soon.

The FBW A320 was a culprit a while back, but once the FPS issues got fixed, it’s been running really smooth, until now of course.

Dropping out of 4k helped some but the issue is still there. Even with the lowest settings possible, the issue is still there. Something’s strange with this round.

Something is definitely wrong with my sim after the UK my GPU literally just went -1% I had a laugh tonight. Something I have never seen before!

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