Bad performance (Low FPS) with World Update 3 and new London photogrammetry - possible memory leaks

Well with my settings running at 1440p - switching off multiplayer gave me around 35 to 40 fps flying over the city, from before 13 to 17 fps … and i only have a Ryzen 1700X and RTX 2700 Super …

Nothing to do with MP, its some kind of memory leakage some, including me, will have, with mp off its just 20secs to 1min later when problems will begin.

On low alts <200ft it goes to 1 digit fps, then freeze to clear some ram like 3-5gigs, and repeat

It is def worse than NY, but on 3080 still getting around 25FPS compared to 30 in NY. A big issue is running out of VRAM there. I will probably go down to HIGH texture quality for this.

Not sure if the lack of VRAM is causing it to render pretty badly too. This is on 200 terrain LOD every else ultra or more where possible, waited a good few minutes for everything to load.

Maybe it is just better to turn it off or remove the package?

you need to set that up differently now. seen posts about it and solutions.

Same poor performance at low altitude over London here (5700XT, Ryzen 3700). Continuous stutters, 10 - 15 fps… pretty bad. I wonder what they did (or didn´t do)?

More to the point, again one wonders how Asobo tests before release… Certainly not on relatively high-end machines (as I consider mine), they must have some real screamers over there. Specs, Asobo?

When looking at the wireframe structure of the London PG mesh, you can’t help wondering are all these really necessary:

There are a bunch of tiny groups of dozens of triangles everywhere, even farther away in the distance, and this is definitely a lot. I didn’t compare yet with NYC but if someone with a 4K monitor (for the details) can try, you just have to enable Dev Mode and select Option | Wireframe

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DISCLAIMER: The coded word begins with P. LOL I have everything looking great (non-VR) but when I get to lets say, downtown London, the buildings like The Shard and Walkie Talkie look TERRIBLE! They look like big blobs of something with very little resemblance of a building. Broken lines, slanted angles etc. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG, or in simple terms, what causes this to happen? I have the settings set to ULTRA thinking that this may fix it or narrow down the cause.

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you aren’t doing anything wrong. This is photogrammetry. It’s just not that good. :frowning:

One other thing – go to your DATA settings and make sure photogrammety and bing data are on.

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Thank you Moxie, I really appreciate it! Man, I thought I was screwing this up cause all the other buildings look fine. Here’s a shot of that I am talking about.

Yes, they are all ON,

I do not understand how an area can be built to show buildings like these, then look like c*** when you fly next to them. What am I missing?

That’s photogrammetry. It’s intended to be viewed from a couple thousand feet up in the air.

If you don’t like the look of it, you can disable it again.


Now for the stupid question… Should I disable it and what would that buy me?

It’s up to you.

If you disable photogrammetry, you’ll get the autogenerated buildings back, and likely a lot better performance. It will look a lot less like London from a couple thousand feet up in the air though (the autogen buildings won’t resemble the real city).

So it’s up to you, your taste/preferences, and your system. If you like flying at 500 feet, and close to crashing into buildings, you should probably disable it.

It’s great to have choices isn’t it.


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My understanding then is that if I turn it OFF, all the new added buildings and POI’s will vanish, is that correct?

Nope, the new POI’s are not photogrammetry, they’re hand crafted.

The rest of the buildings in the city will be replace with autogenerated ones.

Just test it with it on and off. It’s easy to test, see which you prefer.

This is bad me thinks.

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With it OFF, its great. Turning it back on gives me the above pic. Guess I will UP-VOTE the FIX PHOTOGRAMETRY issue.