Bad performance (Low FPS) with World Update 3 and new London photogrammetry - possible memory leaks


The performnance on the new London photgrammetry is really catastrophical. Often drops to 10-15 FPS on my i7 9700k and RTX 3070.

In compare New York and Tokyo are butter smooth on ultra for me (35 to 55 FPS) So it must be the new scenery.

Also very distracting awful screen tearing is present with the new London photogrammetry. Something very wrong here. Pls fix it.

Also in compare no problems in other big photogrammetry cities…

it’s strange me personally I have almost the same configuration and I run at 50 fps in ultra in London

I found that out of London City airport the scenery was in the 25 to 30 FPS range. This is probably acceptable for the amount of detail being displayed, but a bit of a stretch for my system. Found it quite jerky, while my usual 30 plus elsewhere is smooth. i5 9400F, 32GB, RTX2060, 2560x1080.

I’ve just posted in the main world update topic that the London photogrammetry doesn’t appear to have been processed to the same standard as New York. Dunno about other existing cities.

Whereas a typical NY building (not necessarily a ‘hero’ one) has a relatively clean model, the London ones are just a mess of dense triangles. This explains both the lack of visual quality that’s been commented on already, but also the performance impact.

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Yeah this could really be the case. I also noticed some weird shaped buildings. How could they release something like that?


Time and money.


And even if you look on Google Maps, there are a bunch of building under construction.

They should just have made all of Canary Wharf custom models.

See above :slight_smile:

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I want all the planet handmade for free. Doesn’t mean I’m going to get it.

Plus if they made them all handmade, the performance would be even worse than what OP is experiencing now.

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The triangle count would be a lot less for custom models, esp at highest LOD’s.

Complete opposite actually. Custom models should be much more efficient.


See above :slight_smile:

(sorry, had to ;p )

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Dreadful FPS.
I was flying A320neo from Vientiane Laos to Hanoi Vietnam … Disappointing performance of the FS 2020
Nvidia 3060ti
32Gb Asrock AMD Ryzen 5 5600X” Motherboard


I only noticed the dreadful FPS on new London Photogrammertry. Rest works nice for me FPS wise.

But have to correct my first post a little bit. The Screen Tearing is present in the whole sim after the update.


As for the sceen tearing you have to activate vsync in the sim or in NV control panel (I use “fast” ) and the problem is gone.


Oh thanks nice to know that. I wonder what a useless change this was again from asobo/ms…

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Also interesting is the RAM / VRAM usage in London, specially the RAM could cause major stutters.

Tokio/NY I’d have 22-25/32Gig Ram - 8,5/10Gig VRAM
London 32/32Gig Ram - 10/10gig VRAM

London 30-40FPS with major stutters and drops to 10-15FPS wenn changing headings/view directions
NY/Tokio 50-55 FPS almost no stutters but some dips to like 35FPS
All maxed out, but Object LOD to 125 for testing.

System is I9 10900K, 32 Gigs RAM, RTX3080 - Sim is stored on a NVMe, Community Folder is linked from a SSD

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Yes my case is also similar. I have no problem to stay well above 30FPS in New York and Tokio (35 to 45) on Ultra with my i7 9700k and RTX 3070.

But here its a mess with dips to 15 FPS.

But its true it depends on the angle you look into and the direction you are flying. My 8GB Vram could be a Problem but i checked it and also when having 7,5 GB used the FPS can go so much down.

I guess its much more than a simple VRAM issue…

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Tried London again, if I fly below 300 feet with about 125 knots, I’ll get <10fps now, with a lot pauses over 1sec. Ram / VRAM completely full just after loading in.

Tokio same Settings / Scenario is 25 - 40, no pauses when changing viewing angles, yes some light stutter here and there but still acceptable given that buildings look much better than in London.

VRAM 9.5/10, RAM maxed out at 21/32

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And thats something you want to do explore and enjoy the scenery. So its unplayable right now…

I just tried to lower Texture Resolution and Shadows but it stays that bad…

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