Anyone got the LogiTec Radio Panel or Saitek Throttle panel working?

i have both and nether pops up in the Sim Options. I have Honeycomb Yoke so they are plugged in directly to the PC

I do have the Saitek throttles, but not plugged directly in. The throttles never show as a seperate device in the header of the controller section, but they are assignable and work.

If you can’t seem to get it to work, someone mentioned getting a cheap little 4 or 5 USB expansion unit, plugging that into the PC and then plugging throttles etc into that and it seemed to help. Just throwing it out there.

have a look here

I have all saitek panels with it works but the simulator has a bug right now and you get a big frames drop when using it, they are aware of it and working on a fix for next release of msfs 2020

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Ok great. I will wait for the update… before purchasing .Next

It will work with Spad.neXt, try it …


would you care to make your settings available? Thanks