Anyone purchase the Honeycomb mouse pad from Etsy?

I know Honeycomb teased their own native mousepad to mount to the bottom of the Bravo long ago, but it looks like this Etsy seller is selling his own 3d-printed one. Wondering if anyone has bought it and whether it’s worth the roughly 70 bucks shipped to USA.

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The reviews seem to be good. Similarly curious if anyone else has purchased it and what they think of it.

Thanks for sharing!

I sent the seller a message for more information on the process by which it mounts to the Bravo and he responded immediately with the instruction manual. I was impressed by that and I ordered one right away. I’ll post impressions in this thread once I receive it, but I’m optimistic.


Will look forward to your feedback. I might get myself one too if it checks out!

How does it attach ?

@Red81Trekker do you know how it connects to the honeycomb?

I will when it shows up - I’ll follow up!

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Received today. Installed in one minute. It’s so great. Perfect height and angle for where you’d want a mousepad. There’s even leather on the top for a nice feel. Couldn’t recommend it enough.


Rereading the directions, it looks like the leather side is intended to be mounted down, in order for the lower lip which juts out further to get a greater impression onto the pad. I might run the leather side on top just for the softer feel of the mouse.

Good to hear. How does it attach ? Looks like we have the same mouse, M270.

Sweet! The flat part you’re seeing, the mousepad itself, that’s just one standalone piece that slides into the grooves of the bracket. The bracket is one solid piece with 3D-printed dowels that slide snugly into the deeper screwholes on the bottom of the Bravo. There is double sided tape included to maximize the way it adheres, as well as a screw and washer (measurements of the included screw are perfect for a factory-like mount). Replacing the screw isn’t entirely necessary; instructions state this just increases the maximum weight limit on the mousepad.

The dowels fit so snugly into the bottom of the Bravo that I haven’t been using the screw, or the double sided tape even, making this about a 30 second install.

Worth noting as well that Honeycomb’s dust cover still works with this semi-permanent installation (leave the bracket mounted, but remove the flat mouse pad itself).

Thanks, I may just go for it when my wife says our billing period is clean.

Thanks for being the ‘guinea pig’ on this one. Count me in for one too. Looks the goods!

One question - I saw on the store there was an under desk mount too - did you consider that one? Im thinking of getting that as well. I’m definitely a sucker for the illuminated option but just curious if anyone has tried it before I give that a go!

Looks great, but I did not purchase the under desk mount. Installing the mousepad and holding the Bravo where the mount would be, I found the ergonomics of the mouse wouldn’t work with my particular setup, making the mousepad purchase essentially obsolete. Each individual setup will vary, but my arm was dangling way too far down to be comfortable, and if I mounted the Bravo under my desk I would have just opted to use the reclaimed desk space for my mouse area (which I still might do, down the road; that LED lighting is cool and the unit looks solid. still tweaking everything).

I did buy the Alpha/Bravo wall mounts from him as well, however:

There’s a YouTube video in the Etsy listing you can view to see how they mount, detach from the wall, and slide into the under-desk mounts all pretty seamlessly. I liked how the Alpha and Bravo are both mounted business-side up, so I can use my Honeycomb dust covers because I’m a sucker for that dumb little pitot tube Remove Before Flight tag. I asked the seller, and the one-time purchase includes mounts for both yoke and throttle quadrant.

It’s in the mail now, so no reviews on that yet.

I did not pay attention to those mounts and completely missed them - it looks like it catches into the bottom keyhole. Clever. keen to hear your review on that too please!!

If that checks out, I may get all 3.

Thankyou again for taking the plunge!

Thanks for your heads up and follow up! I’ve bit the bullet and bought one as well!. Ended up getting the under desk mounts too. Didn’t even know these existed, some really nice things on Etsy!

I decided against the wall storage mounts but will wait for your review in case that changes my mind. If you’re ok to advise how they are, would really appreciate that!


Sure will! Ought to be here next week (along with, hopefully, my Alpha XPC).

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@Red81Trekker , following up - did the mounts arrive and if so, how are they? Thinking of ordering a pair. Now that I know something exists, it would be a great way to store my yoke and throttle if they are any good.

Interested in their finish/appearance and how strong they are to hold the mounts, and how you attach them to the wall, if possible!!

Pictures would be so awesome too, would really appreciate that!


I can help you with the pictures, but not much else. Waiting to take delivery on the new XPC yoke, coming Friday (I hope), so I haven’t installed yet. Come to think of it, I really hope the brackets fit the new yoke keyholes.

The video from his Etsy page makes them look strong, and you’ll see he includes drywall anchors for the mounting, so I’m not too concerned. Quality is great and he shipped fast. AUS to USA is gonna take awhile no matter what, but he got right on it.

I’ll pop back in and let you know once they’re installed but I would buy without hesitation. Nice guy too.

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