Anyone purchase the Honeycomb mouse pad from Etsy?

Thankyou for the detailed response and the pictures. Looks excellent and I will be buying a set!

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Received the Mouse Pad today. Excellent piece of work. I used the screw, why not? Now, sliding the pad into the bracket was tough. That’s a tight fit. Had to be very careful to keep level pressure. I believe it would be fairly easy to snap the bracket lip if you got too brutal and applied uneven pressure. Won’t be removing it unless really necessary. I installed it leatherette down, long side horizontal. Gives me plenty of scroll on my 32".
As a side-note, took me almost as long to open the box as it did to assemble. Boy, can he secure a package !!!

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Excitedly waiting for mine to arrive now!!!


It takes a while for those outrigger canoes to make it through that “Pacific” ocean. :rofl:

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Changed my mind on the under-desk mounts for both Alpha and Bravo. The idea of a free desk surface is too enticing to pass up, after having used the Alpha XPC and Bravo for some time. I do think it would also improve the angle of both - even if I don’t end up using the (excellent) mousepad as a result.

Anyone else purchase these by chance?

I will say, I am communicating with the seller via Etsy right now, and he’s working to determine whether the XPC screw holes are located such that the original Alpha mounts will work. Not to sound like a broken record, but I’m so impressed by the responsiveness of the seller and the accurate information he tries to gather before taking your money. I will recommend his Etsy page to absolutely anyone! Great guy.

edit: if anyone cares, we have determined the Alpha XPC screw measurements will work fine with the current iteration of under-desk “glider” mounts currently for sale on the Etsy page.

That’s great to know it works with the Alpha XPC yoke!!!

Mine is in transit and looking forward to receiving the wall mounts, mousepad and under desk mounts - I only got under desk mounts for the bravo throttle.

Thankyou for finding these items @Red81Trekker. Amazing what creative people bring to the community. Also really appreciate you for keeping us posted - thank you to you!

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It really is awesome what creative people can bring to the hobby. Hope you enjoy them!

Also - I believe you’ll be receiving your under-desk mounts before I will (I did end up just pulling the trigger on these after all, even though I didn’t initially plan on it) - do you plan on installing this right away? I’d be curious as to your experience and thoughts while I wait for mine. Thickness of desk, ease of install, etc.

Will probably be waiting a couple weeks for the mail. Thank you!

I will let you know as soon as I receive and install it how it goes! :slight_smile:

@Red81Trekker , this detail is for you given you have ‘taken one for the team’ on this.

Mine have arrived! The box took a bashing (local post are notorious) but wow @FlyingGunny , you were not kidding when you say the package is secure.

First thoughts: I have trial fitted everything but I am about to get an adjustable height desk so will be redoing things in a more permanent state in the coming months, looking forward to decluttering.

  • Mousepad is nice - I like the leather surface better to be honest but his instruction manual says the leather is meant to go below? I will live dangerously. I have balanced this ‘high risk’ lifestyle by using the screw and the blue tape thing - its not going anywhere.

  • For me, the under desk mount for the bravo works fine with the mousepad below - much happier with it for VR versus reaching onto the desk blindly.

  • The wall storage mounts are nice although I would have preferred to just get a Bravo only option, having sold my Alpha for the TM yoke - he ships the set in one package - one for bravo one for alpha. On second thought, maybe this is a justification from the universe to get an Alpha XPC hmm?!

  • Now the installation of the mounts - everything is very well labelled, QR code, online instruction manuals, screws and things are all bagged separately - NICE! I appreciate this for an Etsy store - some things are atrociously supported.

I found the youtube video helpful for seeing how it all goes in - Honeycomb Alpha Yoke and Honeycomb Bravo throttle mounting solution and mousepad - YouTube

I have an old table and it was tested out ‘for science’ while I makeover my workspace - his instructions tell you to drill a pilot hole (recommended drill bits noted). He suggests a drill stop so you don’t come through the top of your table. Dimensions are given though I would love to also have a paper template to tape to the bottom of the desk and drill through - not a big deal but I might contact him as a suggested product improvement.
Then you use the correct sized drill bit and drill a ~20mm deep hole into the bottom of the table (your table needs to be atleast 25mm thick).
Insert the threaded insert - he has some great suggestions - clearly familiar with woodworking tips.
And then simply assemble the bracket (3 3d printed plastic pieces and an ‘illumination panel’) onto the honeycomb unit, slide it in and lock it in place and securing with clamping bolts - if you know what you are doing - 15 minute job. I took about 30 minutes start to finish - its pretty idiot-me proof (barring the recommendation of a paper template to guide drilling holes)

Very secure when installed and it means your desk is completely free. I actually dont mind with the mousepad below too. Fantastic and I appreciate the effort he went to to look after me as a customer - nice guy and must live with a phone in his hand. I also appreciate it braces the rear - there is no to-fro wobble like I had with the lowrider mounts.

The led lighting on the mounts is super easy to install - the bottom surface finish is rough - not very pleasing on the eye (maybe for grip or printing speed?) but its not visible when assembled - on the other hand the top (visible side) looks like someone ironed it - fantastic finish. The Led is a 4 pin to USB connector - standard ebay-amazon parts so would be easy to replace if it stopped working - slotted into a 3d printed housing of sorts that angles the light downwards away from the virtual pilot onto the controls…

…and wow wow wow - the led lighting on the controls is a gamechanger - so much easier now to turn off the room lights and feel like you are in the cockpit for IFR - yellow for Boeing. I debated whether there was any point having illumination seeing as I am increasingly flying VR - but for IFR, it is a gamechanger for immersion - turn off your lights - turn on these down-facing leds built into the under desk mounts - and feel like you are in the cockpit - no glaring light, just soft gentle lighting of the switches and controls. My only wish would be that he had some solutions for the TM yoke I am using. BUT oh how clever!! OK I will stop raving but the led illumination is a true innovation for me. (I will deduct a point because turning the lights red does not make the plane go faster!)

Other thoughts - the items are not cheap (while I do agree they definitely do not feel cheap) - I ended up buying 3 things and spending almost the price of one controller - but I guess its not exactly like these are things anyone else is making, or would make at scale. And the additional value they add is worth it (Dont tell him but having used the LEDs, I would have happily paid double/triple just for that feature - for me that alone is worth it).

Off topic, I generally prefer to support indie and small business / mom and pop because customer service is still alive. Its true here. Well done.

Great guy, isn’t he? And thanks so much for your detailed impressions of the install process and quality of life improvements to your simming. That’s so great that it changed the game for you in so many ways.

Having an adjustable-height standing desk myself is what drove me to finally pull the trigger on this purchase rather than continue to use Honeycomb’s mounting solution. Even with my desk at its most comfortable seating height, I still found I was reaching up for the yoke in an unnatural way. I was worried about the height of my monitor (when I’m not working, I swing my left-side 4k monitor to center position in order to sim) - but playing around with a couple of desk-height positions and swinging the monitor over, I realized that as long as I find the perfect horizontal mount points for the Bravo, I should still be able to have leg clearance for the Honeycomb stuff, utilize the mousepad from the seller, keep my yoke and throttle both in a more realistic position, and keep my monitor at a realistic eye-height. Win-win-win-win.

Went with the LED lighting option as well, because it was only a couple of bucks more at that point - it was really nice to hear how much this lighting enhanced your experience, and the care the seller has for the angling of the LED light brackets to help with immersion.

All these ergonomics and cable management solutions in place, and the cherry on top, I would imagine, is the reclaimed desk space on top! how great is that to not have to move around your other real-life peripherals in order to sim. That’s really exciting!

Count me in your company as Team Leather-Up - we’ll see how that goes :slight_smile:

Again, your detailed impressions are very much appreciated and hopefully this thread continues to give some more visibility to a very enthusiastic member of the sim community who is making very cool things.

One last thing - buy the XPC! Just do it! It’s incredible :slight_smile:

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Right on.

Be careful there mister or my wife will have a word with you about budgets and mortgages.
Maybe Christmas!!!

Good to hear you finally received your gear. It certainly is worth waiting for. Of course I only have the mouse plate, but would have gotten the other things if I could use them. I have small touch monitors mounted on my Alpha and Bravo and even If I didn’t, under-mounts would interfere with the pull-out and storage drawers.

We all have different needs!
I really like the idea of your touch monitor mounted on the alpha and bravo concept. Do you have any photos by any chance?

Sure do. The touch monitor on the right is mounted on the bracket sold by StayLevel Avionix. It is designed specifically for use with Air Manager’s Knobster. The one on the left is on brackets from ‘Homecockpit’ on Etsy. They are easily removed. I usually run Little Navmap on that one with Spacedesk.

Appreciate you for sharing, and an excellent setup for immersion - side monitors, head tracking, hotas and yoke controllers. Very nice!

Unfortunately, I did see you are a leather-side down mousepad user… :smiley: :smiley:

Might switch to the other side. it may be a little too smooth, tend to overshoot my movements.

Same view. It is also more comfortable. Trying to remember, I think there was something in his instructions about why the leather side is meant to go on the bottom. It can’t have been that important. I will continue to rebel!

How did you manage to insert leather up? When I try, the upper lip grabs the leather and starts to roll it up. The slot is too rigid to expand without breaking.

Just kinda pressed down the leather with my thumb, got a tiny piece under the lip and slowly guided the rest in. You can definitely tell it wasn’t meant to be done this way though.