Anyone purchase the Honeycomb mouse pad from Etsy?

Yep, guess I’ll wait 'til I gather up some additional courage and try again.

Yeah same here, just applied some firm pressure, wiggled it/shimmied it, and the leather slowly compressed and slotted in. I wonder what would happen if I regularly did that (fray or peel the leather?) but mine will be a mostly permanent solution so … meh.

Question: any wobble or play at all when using the Bravo in its “stiffest” configuration? With tension dialed all the way up? Thinking of that quick landing/idle/reverse dance you do when landing a jetliner and wondering if it’s every bit as stable.

Decided to risk it. Went surprisingly well. Less than 30 seconds start to finish. Much better control. :grin:

Are you asking if the bravo throttle mounts wobble when installed with the throttle slider in its stiffest setting? Or if the bravo throttle generally itself has some vagaries?

For the mounts, I have no movement fore-aft IF I slide the unit to its maximum left or maximum right position and then tighten the bolts. I don’t know if that is intended but that works just fine for me and makes sense considering the bolts will want to slide back out the way they came in unless they are locked away. I dont fly with the control tension all the way up (feels too stiff) but it definitely feels less wobbly than I had with the lowriders because of that bracing arm thing that goes along the top surface of the throttle.

Welcome to elite Society…

Mousepad leather side up represent!

Just finished the install of mine and yeah, no wobble at all, even in the stiffest position. I’m SO glad I opted for this solution. I would enthusiastically recommend it to anyone. It is the slickest thing imaginable!

EDIT: I am now Team Leather-Down…noticed some separation and decided just to use it as intended :slight_smile:

Worth noting as well - though it’s a bit of a stretch, the OEM dust covers still work with the mount wings installed on top of the Honeycomb hardware. Good news for any other OCD folks out there :rofl:

Yes, better to leave it alone. Not good to ruin a nice piece of gear.

You guys abandoning the cause is causing me to want to abandon the cause! :slight_smile:

@Red81Trekker - I will say that I’m probably as happy with all of my purchases as you are!!