Anyone Tried One Of These?

Has anyone tried one of these controllers on MS2020…Seems like it should work if the buttons are programmable…Interesting possibilities! Thanks…

Logitech G Farm Simulator Side Panel Control Deck

Yes, a simple search would have led you to my success:

It’s a wonderful device that I couldn’t do without.


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Thanks for your reply…Wonder if anyone is using it for the primary flight controls? It would sure help those of us with really limited space…I use a laptop and the Farm Controller also looks like it would be easily portable…Thanks again…

I can’t imagine using it as a flight controller… but it’s a great device for camera manipulation. But then again, there are people flying 747’s with Xbox controllers… so I guess anything is possible.


Yes I have it is my main controller I use.

Are you satisfied with the controller? I am really tempted to try one!