Anyone using the Virtual Fly TQ3 or TQ6 throttle?

I’m thinking of getting either the TQ3 or TQ6 throttle but not many people seem to have them.

It would be good to hear from people’s experience using them before taking the plunge as they are so expensive!

I have looked at the Honeycomb Bravo as I already have the yoke and would be good match. While I admit you get a lot in one package, for me most of it would go to waste. I already the TCA quadrant for airliners and have the Logitech multi panel which works very well for Autopilot and flaps. Also I feel having the digital display is a benefit over no display on the Bravo. Not sure why they didn’t incorporate a digital display. So they functions I could live without which turns me towards to Virtual Fly products.

The quality and feel of these looks unmatched, even compared to the Bravo. The throttle levers themselves on the bravo look quite small too.

I have both the TQ3+ and TQ6+. Both high quality construction and they really are products for life. They’re obviously meant for GA, but if you already have hardware for airliners, that takes away some of the need for the Bravo.
I think the Bravo is a good compromise for people who don’t want to have a different TPM for every aircraft type. But if you already have something for airliners, maybe the Virtual Fly might make sense.

Does anyone else have the Virtual Fly throttles?

Do they work fully in FS2020? I’ve seen earlier posts saying the reverse detents are not properly detected.

I looked into them in the past. Do you think they are really worth their price tag? I think they look great, but the price they put on them, specially the TQ3+ which is far smaller than the TQ6+, but the price it not that different.

Do you think they also work for Airliners? Or would you go for somethhing else to fly Airliners ?


You’re right, it doesn’t. I fly very simple GA aircraft that don’t need the detents, so it’s not an issue for me. But that’s a software issue.
You can message them here:
to ask when they might be fixed.

That’s a very personal question, and I don’t think anyone can answer that except you. For one thing, I’m a maniac and have a V3RNIO+, TQ3+, and TQ6+. That’s a lot of stuff to store when you’re not using it. Of course, it’s also very expensive, but I bought hardware that I hope will last the rest of my life. I also bought it on sale. Actually, right now, they are having a sale – 15% off most of their stuff! (It’s still expensive, but 15% is the highest discount I’ve seen on their stuff.)

I don’t fly airliners. It works with airliners, but if it were me, I wouldn’t use it for them, simply because the form factor doesn’t feel right.

I feel like my answers are less than helpful right now! Sorry if that’s the case – so much of it boils down to one’s personal situation.

Yes I noticed that they have a 15% discount too. But for me as I live in the UK I will then have to pay 20% tax and duty once it arrives in the country from Virtual Fly in Spain. This makes the prices considerably higher.

It’s surprising considering how expensive this is that the detents don’t work in FS2020. This actually makes them seem even more expensive and less versatile. For me they seem more suitable for professional setups in a full built cockpit. I’m still on the fence about this but I’m steering more towards the Honeycomb. The fact that the detents don’t work puts me off spending so much money on them as I only use FS2020.

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Very Helpful! You have their whole range :slight_smile: Impressive, makes me a little jelous!!

The issue for me is that VAT it not included in Europe :confused: When I added to cart, and it increased the prices by 23%, really became out of my reach unfortunately.

I would use mostly for General Aviation, but I would also want somethiung that fits a Boeing / Airbus sometimes when I need it :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the opinion!

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Do the detents on the TQ6 work in FS2020? This is currently putting me off buying one as I’ve heard a few people say they don’t work properly in the sim.

They do work fine for me (TQ6+) with Virtual Fly’s tool running while the sim is running as explained on their website.