AP (ILS, RNAV) broken since last update - follow-up to post now in TBM

Just sharing, I’m in hanger. No new flights planned. 95% dedicated TBM pilot - I’m “broke”.

As previously shared - I’m on a “base” (“stock”) version, no mods - except 1-airport (KEYW).

AP (ILS & RNAV) approaches worked great until last update. Forum responses (thank you) indicated to add the well-circulated 'mod to enhance the AP issues recommended. Not doing that.

Basic ILS & RNAV approaches should be - expected to be fully functional in our latest version of FS - it has worked for decades - now it is broken. This issue started only after the last update - both systems worked fine beforehand.

AP approaches are not an “add-on” - I’ve had FS since the early days, and I’m a licensed pilot - I am just citing the last update really screwed up the functionality of the AP / (ILS - RNAV) system in the base / stock TBM.

Not flying until I see the “purported” update late July / August - but IMO - more attention should have been given to this major glitch - as from forum posts - it ain’t only me…

(Usualy a supporter of MS / ASOBO / our FS Community) - but last update really screwed things up IMO>

Yes - I’ve tried many different ILS / RNAV approaches. Results are the same. Capturing an ILS - some 20 miles out - low / slow - track inbound - ILS works until 2-3 miles from threshold - then ILS fix is lost - aircraft veers away into no-man-land. RNAV approaches - again, slow, just below specified GS - no engagement of AP / NAV or AP / APP - nothing.

AP (NAV/APP) - (ILS or RNAV) is seriously broke.

See you all later in summer when someone recognizes the update was faulty.

Bottom-Line Up Front: Sim Update 5 on 27-July isn’t going to change anything for you - the problems you have are addressed by using the mods below. Full stop.

Is there any reason you’re not using Working Title G3000 at least?

This is the future of the sim. Working Title code will become official “base” code to override the legacy programming in the sim. WT is fixing each Garmin to emulate Real Life 1:1 functionality. If nothing else, you are already missing Advisory VNAV available on G3000 which is not available on any other Garmin as of today. Also - TCAS Advisories, the weather WX, TAWS topographic maps, a whole bunch of good stuff that you find in the real G3000.

Secondly, MixMugz’ mod to the TBM fixes so many problems to the aircraft behavior, handling and even in-cockpit characteristics.

Just those two mods would change your flying experience for the better materially.

As for RNAV/ILS, feel free to read into this discussion. We’ve covered RNAV ad nauseum on that and other posts. No point recapping it here.

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Ok. Understand (again).

Just a “long-time-older-simmer” that tries not to 'muck-up my base system. I’m only 60/40 proficient in changing coding - sort of apprehensive to do so…

I’ll take the lead you provide - thank you again for feedback.

I agree…but I had the issues with approaches on other aircraft type. UPDATES are met to improve performance and functionality of a application, not screw it up!

Understood. Just try the G3000 as a start. It’s just unzipping that folder into the Community folder. No coding, no editing, nada.

You can tell it’s working when you get airborne and you see the Velocity Vector/Flight Path marker active on the PFD, among other indicators.

I agree. The ILS system is hit and miss. This is very embarrassing when flying a VATSIM event, believe me! I can’t work out if it is my third party (payware) sceneries, Navigraph, Asobo, Aerosoft (CRJ) or whatever else. ILS is critical to a Flight Simulator. It is no luxury. It means you can land and stay alive…PLEASE fix this for us mere simmers. Thank you.

I’m doing a round the world trip in the TBM, planning IFR, then flying VFR until the destination with an ILS or GPS approach to hand just in case.
I have to say it all seems to work fine though the sequence has to be right for the AP to capture and follow the localiser and glideslope after routing with GPS as the source. A couple of times I’ve forgotten to change to Nav 1 from GPS as the AP Nav source before arming the APR so it’s been my fault. Just landed at Istanbul using the ILS with no problems.
Not using any mods at all.

I may be wrong but I strongly council against using too many mods. Microsoft is still developing this sim. So at some point they will deal with all these issues and hen folks will complain that their mods arent working.
my advice is simple; on approach ensure your NAV1 is tuned to the localiser and your course is set correctly and at final approach when you see the glideslope moving switch to VOR1 away from GPS/RNAV. I am assuming that after a long or short flight you would like a nice landing.
This will do it. installing navigation mods at this stage are in my opinion premature.
Microsoft isnt in any way finished yet developing this Sim to a point where they themselves would consider it ‘Finished’.

The thing is - Working Title was brought on as a 1st Party to MS-Asobo - specifically to solve the lack of features in the Garmins. That’s how they’re going to close the No. 1 Item on the Feedback Chart.

Before the 1st Party Partnership Announcement, Working Title was indeed a third-party. But no longer. They are effectively working on behalf of MS-Asobo - it’s as official as one can get without having a seat in Bordeaux or Redmond.

The effort to revamp the sim’s base code to fix the Garmins (and by extension the Flight Planning, Routing, Autopilot-to-NavUnit integration, and even some ATC logic) is a bridge too far.

So the solution is to fix it, NavUnit by NavUnit. Each NavUnit will override the above stated characteristics of the sim when installed. WT have already pioneered this with the CJ4 (which was essentially a proving ground). Next comes the G1000 NXi on the heels of Sim Update 5 and then eventually the G3000 and the G3X.

And the plan is to deliver it via MarketPlace, so it becomes ubiquitous and installation is no longer manual. It’s becomes as transparent and relatively effortless as downloading any official content from the MP.

Working Title is part and parcel of the future, without going into too much fanfare. You can choose to run the sim without it, but honestly, you are missing out on what the sim is supposed to be.

A good explanation. I consider anything via marketplace to be part of the SIM so that should be good news. Although reading your explanation I would expect it to be part of a rollout and free, it’s a fix after all.
It seems to be a problem that applies really to jet flying.
Personally I enjoy the hands on flying, vor/DME to vor/DME and ILS approaches.
I have tried jet flying but I feel a bit like I am sitting there just watching a video.
So I haven’t encountered the problems with RNAV.
But reading your post, it seems a step forward towards a good solution.
Well as long as it’s free of course.:wink:

Yes it should be free in line with previous WT offerings. Asobo is footing the bill it seems.

Thks again for support. I successfully installed 3000 Working Title. (1st mod).

Seems to work well, except no traffic on traffic map (another known issue). Completed a few (4-5) ILS approaches, and an RNAV approach - all worked.

Prefer the red vs. pink “route line”, but certainly appreciate the TOC indicator.

Thanks for responding to us 'less savy, but equally enthused 'simmers… appreciated.

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I have traffic with WT-G3000, you have to start the transponder first for the traffic to show up.

I just noticed that the ILS approach / landing isn’t working with the Boeing 747. It approaches the runway properly, the PFD indicates that the plane has the glideslope (G/S) and FLARE is armed, but after a while the plane just gets too high compared to the glideslope and the ATC sends me to go around. I tried it twice, not possible to land. Or is the ATC bugged? Every time they just send me away, even after giving clearance to land. What gives? Never had this problem with the A320neo.

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