Apparently 200% render scale in PC settings does wonders for VR performance

I can’t really discern a visual difference between 18 and 30 - still smooth, when I’d expect anything under 20-24 FPS to appear like a slide show - but no. On the other hand, GPU overhead drops, as do GPU temps. Whichever setting, I aim to keep my max GPU at 65c and hot spot at max 80c.
Yes, quite similar setups: 1080ti 11Gb; i7 7700k, 32Gb 3200 RAM.

Didn’t seem to make any difference to me, I’m afraid, visually or performance.
1080ti, i9-9900k, 2D @ 1920x1080
Latest nVidia driver, Reverb G2, TAA70, OXR60

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i have a quest 2 RTX 3080 i9 10900K Oculus link ( amazon 30€ )

Before would like good quality of images, how to stop to have waves ? :rofl:

Hmmm, I lost lots of micro stutters in the cockpit (salty 747, 484) by putting instruments refresh rate too HIGH in VR and Vsync 30fps in 2D. 200 Scaling and this together make a huge difference on my system. It is butter smooth now on land and in the air.

i9 9900@5.1
TUF3080 overclocked core +200 mem +700
Samsing 49 ultrawide
WIN10 21h1
TAA 100

No difference for me.

You’ll find my attempt to describing this here:

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I seem to be backwards: if I don’t force it to 45 Hz (Oculus Rift CV1), I get stutters. It’s super smooth at 45 Hz forced.

Look to others for guidance, but go with what works best for you.

Just got around to checking this out… Here’s what I tried:
Set the PC full screen resolution to 1920x1080 (half my 4k monitor’s native resolution)
Render scaling to 200

Straight away I’m getting 60fps, so…

I set the VR render scaling to 100

Now I’m getting 45fps, but wow! Now I can read the numbers on the screens! The water texturing looks twice as good as before! Everything’s pretty smooth too. I’m sold!

Oculus CV1
I5-11600K 32GB
RTX 3060 12GB

Thanks! I just wanted to double check thats what that post meant.

Have you tried to bump up MSFS render closer to 100 for VR?

At the end of the day I think the limiting factor might be the resolution but I am curious if that would help you squeeze a bit more visual clarity out of this.

Still looks like no one has reported this as making a difference if they’re using an AMD graphics card. (I only searched this thread for 5700, 6700 and 6800 though – all negative confirmations.) Makes me wonder just what all these NVidia owners were seeing in VR before they tried this strange hack. All this talk of being able to read the numbers on the screens only now – you weren’t before???

I have seen a FEW post of both working with AMD and NOT working.

I am actively trying to find out any common denominator both on the Facebook Group and my YT video, but yes it does work.

And GREAT question!

What did we see before?

Well we COULD read it, but as I felt and as others have stated its just a level of clarity that makes it feel like I am staring at a monitor (reverb G2 here).

Sharpness that I have been waiting for thinking DLSS VR would bring.

Thats the only way I can explain it. I could READ before, but holy smokes, now I can tell trees apart in the distance without issue, read EVERYTHING so nice and sharp.

Really I think even though this hasnt WORKED for every one the reason its gaining traction its because its a WOW factor for those who see it.

And we already ENJOY VR but now , i want to FLY every route again.

It is how I felt when I upgraded from a lenovo explorer to my reverb g1/g2, the CLARITY alone made me want to replay and check all my VR titles again.

I am just waiting for the explanation or if they can expand on this!

Strange… Reverb G2 here too (but with 6800 XT) and I’ve always found it to be amazingly clear in the cockpit (and potentially outside too) but I have to dial down lots of settings to get bareable frame rate in VR – and then still not good enough as I still see constant judder looking to the side, downward or while turning (max delta between frames). Hoping for DX12 and future improvements for VR performance. (I can do all maxed-ultra settings in 2d @ 3840x1600 just fine.)

This 200% render scale appears to do nothing even if I downgrade 2D view to minimums, hence I’ve been asking if there are any AMD card users who can get benefits.

2019 MacBook Pro (2.4Ghz i9-9980HK, 32 GB 2666 MHz DDR4 SDRAM) and 6800 XT in external GPU case

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It is. Now I have been testing and trying to see if I can either make it go away, or change , but at one point I could have sworn I lost it and then it came back.

So it is weird/confusing but the thing that helps is seeing others react as I did when it work. it was a big, WOAH, where has THIS been? lol.

I owned almost a dozen headsets starting with DK1 DK2 CV1 etc, and have been flying VR since DK1 in DCS in 2014. So this was impressive for me.

I hope we are able to figure something out for everyone.

I have been testing this with a 1080ti and 3900x, my monitor is only 1920x 1080. At first no difference, I had asw always on in open xr. It was a bit stuttery so I paused and disabled asw, I didn’t close it down or restart vr so it shouldn’t have altered anything however when I resumed the flight everything was butter smooth. I then tried different planes, glass cockpit etc and still the same. I then paused again and changed the render scale for the 2d screen back to 100 within vr resumed flight and still butter smooth. I restarted msfs with the 2d still on render scale 100 and everything was still smooth. The long and the short it doesn’t appear to make any difference for me. I wonder if people who are experiencing this have a 4k monitor. This is with a G2.

Before, with render scaling at 70 in VR, I couldn’t read the numbers on the TBM 930 displays without sticking my face up against the screen. So far I’ve only tried the steam gauge Cessna 172, but the numbers on the nav panel are clear like I’ve not seen before.

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The 18hz mode isn’t working as well for me anymore sometimes it triggers, sometimes it doesn’t work. Sometimes it’ll trigger and be smooth and then if I take the headset off for a second it goes away, or if I switch back and forth it can become a slideshow etc…it’s not stable at all.

Im curious if anyone is noticing that MSFS lowers the rendering scale from 200 after you set it. Several times I’ve set it to 200 and after the flight I noticed it was set to 90. This never happens when I have it set to 100. Is anyone else experiencing this? If so, did you fix it so it stays at 200?

I saved it at 200 and restarted the sim. It has stayed at 200.

My Theory, When you set 2D to 200 (3840x2160), and the VR to 100, the monitor looks like a slide show, and the VR looks good, because the monitor is skipping a huge amount of frames, and that leaves more space for the GPU to dedicate it self to VR.
Would be amazing if Asobo could set and option to when you enable VR, the monitor window just change to something like “In VR mode” instead of rendering the same thing that we are seeing in VR…
Again, this is my theory, it may sound stupid, but it was the only explanation that I could come up with…

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